Straightforward Acoustic Guitar Chords

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Chords for beginners! email me at
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thanks for the help man very easy to follow i can play cords now and ive only been learning 1 day thanks again

thanks for the help

i didnt get the same sounds as yours?
mines an acoustic too….
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this video has so much likes because he puts his fingers up to the camera to show you. which is really helpful. other video just have them playing and you sit there fiddling with your fingers trying to figure it out. Thank you!

Great help thanks a bunch

Pretty cool. Good job.

YAY! in 25 minutes, I learned a few chords on a dusty, brand new guitar! Now I can actually use it, instead of having it there for decoration(:

learned how to play the guitar in 10 minutes. like a boss.

good teacher! =) God bless you

Thank you but when I tried all the chords they didn’t sound like yours?

I don’t get the same sound as you do. Could my guitar just be un-tuned? Or might i be doing something wrong? Because all of the chords i strum sound morbidly evil. And i doubt that’s gonna impress anybody.

Nice fingers…

OMG this helped so so much, through all the “help” videos ive looked at, this was simple, easy & slow to follow! Thanks! :) from a beginner in guitar playing, Be well & much love, cherilyn

I usually use a ”full G chord” by placing my ring finger on the 2nd string (B string) and my pinkie on the 1st string (low E string)… it sounds well, more ”fully” xD

I just started playing literally 30 min ago and thanks to you I can go from chord to chord pretty fluently right now. However, all the practice I’ve done hasn’t helped my ability to type. My fingers are so sore and fatigued!!!

This helped me so much thanks(:

I just played my first ever chords on the guitar :-)

Hi I teach guitar for free too!


Thanks so much

Omg thank you so much for making this video lol I just started playing guitar and I came across your video and this is most less confusing one I ever saw lol you made it seem less confusing

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okay this vid is helping mee soo muchh thank youu !

Thank you so much for making this video!!!!! Ive been looking for a video like this for ages and I just found this one!!!!!

omg thx soooo much I really wiSH there was a LOVE BUTTON!

Thanks :)

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