Steve Vai & Dweezil Zappa – Ibanez & SG Workout (Trouble Every Day)

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An amazing Zappa Plays Zappa performance, 2006
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My favorite part is when Steve plays the guitar

@FreedomZealot Reason being, at? G3 monster jams, it’s like a competition. Here they’re just making music, playing what’s necessary and not worrying about who’s faster! haha

Does? anyone know which specific model of SG is that?

frank? should be proud, wherever he is =)

I believe what Steve said about Frank is that Frank was not a ‘virtuoso’ on guitar meaning he wasn’t trained in school? in all the techniques like Steve was. He also said that Frank’s playing was incredibly difficult and “cryptic” which is what made it so hard to reproduce. I believe that FZ was one of the most innovative and creative guitarists ever, his rhythmic phrases were so advanced, he played some of the most beautiful melodies and the tone and texture unparallelled.


@daytradeshow Complex setup? doesnt mean better sound.

Realize:? Steve Vai is on an Ibanez. It’s got the hottest pickups and he plays that guitar through the most processed amp. The Ibanez Steve plays is a formula-1 race car, a jet, or a slinky-surgical instrument. Dweezil is on an SG. Through an amp. Dude, if you play and understand the instrument you realize just how amazing Dweezil is and how much he pulls out of that SG. I NEVER would have dreamed this pairing on THOSE instruments would turn out so evenly-matched. WOW.

dont? eat the yellow snow

Great guitar playing,? I preferred Dweezil’s I think, but it’s hard to not enjoy Vai :)

anyone? know what scale they’re using?

@radgainesmaster He didn’t hire guys to play the guitar though, he was the absolute master, although Vai & Dweezil are phenomenal players, IMO they can never come close to the mastery and wizadry that Frank had on guitar, he was also technically brilliant both composing for guitar and also his vast knowledge of guitar gear and equipment was second to none..Cheers? for dropping by!

@reldditmot right on man,I meant in a technical sense…frank was maybe the worlds greatest improviser.I’ve heard Vai mention a few times (look up his GIT seminar) that frank wasn’t a very technical player that’s why he hired? guys to do it…but his brilliance was and will always be in creating that stuff….just little black dots from his head on to some paper….and wow!

@radgainesmaster Dweezil and Vai are both top guitarists, but to say? he has twice the chops as Frank…That’s going a bit far!

What an? awesome jam…I still don’t get how people put down vai….like it or not he’s probably the most talented guitarist ever….dweez is a badass too he’s got that warbly tone like his dad but with twice the chops…the zappa plays zappa thing was an incredible idea

Brilliant music?

Listen to zappas tone out the sg compared with that abortion that freak boy is playing,? no comparison. And because he doesn’t quite keep up he sounds way better, lesson to all players…..

whos the guy? on the jem?

zappa? brother hood

that would be my friend with his SG and myself with the? Ibanez haha

Bozio’s kit is just plain? indecent.

ummm…? wow

Is that Terry Bozio…..with NOTES on HIS SKINS…….amazing!……..I need to get this DVD…..and HOW COOL is Sheila Gonzales in this clip??!………She? rocks the SaX!

SG? WINS!!!!

This is the? best jam I’ve seen in my life. Excellent.

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