Steve Martin: Mark Twain Prize Speech

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Steve Martin acceptance speech for the Mark Twain Comedy Prize: HILARIOUS and BRILLIANT!
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The best acceptance speech ever.

To quote Stee Martin from one of his earlier albums: “The key of comedy is…. er…”
(too long pause)
“Timing!!! Timing!”

The band should have listened to that album at 7:20

I actually think that at 4:37 Steve Martin was about to cry. I guess this award meant a lot to him and it moves me that he should show signs of getting so emotional. I really feel for the guy.

Watch it to the end, Steve Martin busts out on the banjo.

Watch it to the end, Steve Martin busts out on the banjo!

steve martin, since 1945. And being old, since 1965.

Lenny Bruce, who died from an overdose of police, said comedy is the only true art form because only by laughing at themselves can humans change for the better. Heil, Lenny. I, too, have died from an overdose of police, but I came back better than ever. With the highest powers on my side. They hate the fuzz too.

great speech until the paul simon randy newman part caused everyone knows that BOB DYLAN is aMERICA’S BEST LIVING SONGWRITER!!!

He is so multi-talented and so wonderful.
He can act, he can be comedic, he can play music, he can write, and he’s so amazingly intelligent.
He’s just a wonderful person in general.
Notice how whenever he says something, EVERYONE laughs.

8:35 Just EPIC!

4:40: possible panic attack? He referenced that in his autobiography “Born Standing Up” as the reason he stopped smoking weed.

The original Sauce boss :-)

5 people has no sense of humor

the whole notion of awards for entertainers is so ego driven and self aggrandizing it’s nauseating.

I love this speech. I’ve watched it several times. But it still pissed me off that the musicians missed their cue at the end!

Steve Martin, a true original. Improvisation genius. For the 5 dislikes don’t take him serious for what ever reason the dislikes are. It’s funny that Steve can be so expressive with his face and other times he has such a poker face when being funny.

@myfilmblog comedy is not acting. thats why

@etbella3 Brilliantly put! Eloquently phrased!

@myfilmblog Opposite day. The very fact that Hollywood’s greatest all-around talent — in stand-up comedy, in acting dramatic and comedic roles, and most of all, in writing — has never won an Oscar shows that the Mark Twain Prize is the greatest glory of all.

A good plastic surgeon can make even the ugly betty’s of the world beautiful, but only God can make a comedian. Humans might admire Hollywood pretty people, but they worship the Hollywood funny people.

I LOVE him so much – he is a fricken genius :)

never nominated for an Oscar… how outrageous is that.

Absolute genius. Steve can still make any type of crowd laugh.


How can he keep a straight face?

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