Steve Martin & Earl Scruggs – Foggy Mountain Breakdown

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the very best instrumental bluegrass song ever done!!
Video Rating: four / 5

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i love how they all just don’t give a fuck. “yeah we’re playing this. yeah you are mind fucked. nbd”

@thebird55 You could Also look up Mean Mary, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Doc Watson, and many others. While they may not be the best there ever will be, they’re some of the best in the world for the last couple of decades…

steve martin i am just shocked….

this just makes you happy!

Oh man, was this nice or what? Makes you want to jump and want to learn to play that damn thing. Very nice instrument, sure as hell helped Roger McGuinn to achieve that trademark Byrds sound. Awesome!

I’ve said it about rock, blues, and every other genre of music. I don’t like to see performers acting like they are suffering to play for you. These guys are having a blast and you are right, Martin is a class act and String Bean and Grandpa Jones would have been a welcome addition.

If anyone knew how much talent it takes to do this they would be in awe.

class by martin to say their names

I won’t say this is better, but it’s got a variety of instruments. And it’s just as good. Search: Earl Scruggs & Steve Martin – Foggy Mountain Breakdown (Best

For having five banjo’s on state the tempo was only kinda all over the place…not totally all over the place…well done guys!

my deathcore band covers this song in the middle of our set. mids will be blown

This is incredibly gay.

Earl Scruggs 2:52-3:05

Like a boss….not giving a shit.

Very cool!

@CalebB73 This has to be the best response I have ever read. Hilarious.

@Hholeo8 I wouldn’t give Paul Schaffer THAT much credit…

@JustURAverageGamr Awesome !

@gblueslover2 And may Stringbean rest in peace. His banjo still rings in the halls of the Ryman (of which I had the fortune to visit last week!).

too bad there aint no fiddle… that would top it off i think

banjos are cool to me

Paul Schaffer sucks..over-rated…

isn’t that Timothy Omundson in the middle?

It’s great having all those banjo players take a solo; you almost don’t miss the fiddle and dobro solos from Flatt & Scruggs.

WOW!!! This gave me goosebumps! Absolutely, without question, the most awesome rendition of this song ever played! I’m practically speechless!

@RealRockandRoll I think more people would enjoy banjos if they weren’t associated so heavily with Deliverance.

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