Steve Hacker – 1st Solo – Sweet Home Alabama

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Here’s the first guitar solo after the first chorus in Sweet Home Alabama…

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@BlackPanem I’ll put in into Guitar Pro and let you know when I finish I’ll send it to you . If you don’t have Guitar Pro I’ll try to send it as a PDF. zumacon

I’ve seen 100′s of lessons on utube…this is the best yet, nice job and thanks man

Can you make a vid for Ain’t it fun, pls ?

The guitar players in Skynrd are so tasetful and so hard t play! the 3 guitar players rocked!

Thanks for showing! got it down now :-)

The best and most accessible lead instruction I*ve seen. I play acoustic 12 string
but feel confident after viewing. Thanks, Dan

Hey Steve what strings do you use on that strat, 10′ or 9′s ?? Please respond.
And thank you for this great lesson!

The proper way to teach guitar,well done mate

i really wish u put tabs in with the vid i cant follow along

Good tutorial but i have a little trouble with the pick. It was not a very long time ago i started using a guitar pick. Damn there is some fast parts of this solo and when i strum with the pick i kiind of feel “resistance”. Could you please give me some advice on how to plau fast with a pick?

@AaronJayThomas123 There’s no need for a tab. He cleaarly gives it all in the vid!

Awesome … wish I had seen this a few years back lol

Great job Steve I learn alot, great teacher, wish you had more post

Awesome lesson man. You’re one of the few people on youtube that can actually teach. I learned this solo in like 45 mins. lol

@SteveHacker Buffalo

@thebikerdave44 Thanks! I really appreciate it! It really means a lot :) Maybe we ARE neighbors. If so, we should jam some time. Where are you located? :)

this dude is thorough, and clear. takes ALOT of wasted time out of learning stuff the right way..! wish he was my neighbor.. Thanks,, please keep ‘em comming,,

Awesome. Loved it.

i hav the same guitar :D D

Excellent lesson… been playing for 30+ years and have always hated trying to copy a solo. This was nice. I remember trying to figure out a Van Halen solo by recording it onto an old Wolensak reel to reel and slowing it to half speed and listening to it an octave lower…. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with modern technology.

This is the best video Lesson :D Thaks mate ;)

@SteveHacker , Thanks for your time and effort presenting this video. I happened upon this video some
6 weeks ago. Loved it and your teaching; Wanted to share it with a friend I am mentoring, but lost the link. Just found it again and I am quite pleased. I am an experienced player and an old curmugeon but I am not a teacher. I feel comfortable telling a friend to watch, listen and learn from this video. Sincerely Larry

Hi Steve,

Great lesson mate. Thanks very much for putting it up. Is there any chance you’ll put up lessons for the rest of the solo work for this song sometime soon?

Sir, what amp and, if any, what distortion pedal are you using to get that clear sound like that

@funis2sk8 Got it!

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