Steampunk Guitar

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Steampunk Guitar

Image by Rob Lee
I think gimmicky guitars are nicely, gimmicky. But this one is uber-cool. Originally observed on my favorite blog For sale on Ebay this weekend.

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Digging the steam punk thing right now, this is awesome.

Wicked cool!

I always wondered what happened to that flying V I played on in the late sixties!

Also digging the steam punk thing right now. I really appreciate the amount of time and hand work these folks do – true craftsmanship. Excellent!

lol those gears are Lego elements!

*drool* Absolutely gorgrous!

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simply fabolous


Hi, I’m an admin for a group called Guitarests of flickr
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truly great!!!!!!

the gears are lego technic :)

way cool guitar! nice!

This is’nt a guitar it’s a time machine!

it’s the rust look that i love. if i could do that – make my guitar look metal and rusty – i would be very contented with it.

wow! really!

wow the lego gears looked really real, this is such an awsum guitar!

What kind of pickups are those, if you don’t mind my asking?

dude….. that is insane… ahahaha does it play? i would love to know if it plays… then, if it did, i would steal it from the person who bought ti and play it in my first show ahahahahahahahaha

@dzogcheno-I built this guitar some years ago. The pickups are EMG’s, but they have custom covers that allowed me to copper leaf them, to fit with the rest of the build.

~Jeff Ritzmann
Thunder Eagle Guitars

@ anberlyn – plays like a goddess – I’m playing it here:

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