Standing Ovation By:Chamillionaire (UNCENSORED)

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Standing Ovation By:Chamillionaire
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I listen ONLY Chamillionaire

Wonderful! Wicked

this song is gonna be in my funeral

Badass jam.


@bjlj998 Agreed along with Industry Groupie

@MadeFromQueensRapper YESSSSIIIRRR SUMMER 2011 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

@JaffaaaLad Ultimate Victory > Sound of Revenge

@jholleyjr2 indeed

cant wait till he have another album come out!!


WTF? MEN! a tHis is the BessT ma fukeR RappEr of ThE TiMe

one of the best songs of Chamillionaire

tight song
wish it got bigger jest for hes sake !!!!

I know you like my style!

WELL THAT SUX but i sure do enjoy it

The most underrated rapper of all time

Great song

this song is fukin beast wan ov the best on the ablum he dropped the shit on this beat

this should be
outstanding ovation

DAMN!! this shit is good!!

Get as many copies of Venom that you can when it comes out!!!!!!!!!

this is one of my favorite songs on the album and this is the same song i was listening to when i got into a car accident, now i cant even enjoy it like i use too.

i think this wuz da best song on ultimate victory!!!!!!!!!!!

From the best Album…..
UV~~~~ Ultimate Victory

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