Spanish guitar

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Spanish guitar

Image by tawalker
My mother gave this to me in 2007, as she said she never plays it and needs the space! I have very little information on this guitar, other than that it is genuinely Spanish, probably dates from the 1970s, really needs restringing…

…and has a proud place in my musical history, as on the 4th March 1987 I sat down with a Mick Abrahams tutor record and this instrument, and learned my very first guitar chords.

I’m definitely going to record something with this one day.

(Update (March 2008)): Since I wrote the above notes, I have used this guitar on two recordings: backing tracks for my wife’s musical activity sessions for children ("Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "I Can Sing A Rainbow"). It records nicely, though I don’t think I’ve got the EQ quite right yet when mixing.

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Thanks for posting with Creative Commons! I plan to use this on a poster for a library fundraiser we’re having this summer… hope that’s OK!
Mercer Public Library

Hi Teresa,

No problem, please go ahead – that’s what Creative Commons is for :-) Hope your fundraiser goes well!


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