SONG OF STORMS by The Amazing BrandO

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DONATE HERE: DOWNLOAD HERE Based on a true story. Go around, go around Man, I fuckin’ love this town Who’s this fuckin’ guy? What’s that thing, and why? Watch him go, this is wrong But he knows my favorite song Let’s all play the song of storms First some wind, then some rain Then, a fuckin’ hurricane We’re all gonna die, time to say goodbye* Holy crap, what the shit I am 12 and what is this We’re all gonna die tonight *Special thanks to MegaOwnagemonkey for lyrics in verse 2. LIVE INSTRUMENTS I PLAYED IN THIS TRACK -Tambourine -Melodica -Bass (Ibanez 4 string) -Acoustic Guitars (Yamaha acoustic-electric) -Electric Guitars (Fender Jazzmaster)

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hello just wanted you if you can make a full version
the song of storms

You plan on doing any other songs based off of the in game songs?

@TheAmazingBrand0 Your target audience are the people who got this game when it first came out when they were 6-10… Cuuuz, That’s me. I got this fuckin game when I was 7, and I love this video.

Wanna know how I know this song is awesome? Rebecca Black’s Friday is a suggestion between Episode 1 and 2 of Zelda 3.

@Tyrano840 You didn’t expect greatness?

Greatness comes from unexpected places.

@MinecraftTNTstuff Halo is much better anyway

you know brand0 Ive introduced your music to many of my friends, you have some new fans in Mexico.

82 ppl like call of duty. i like halo

@pizzadude808 Nevermind I found it

I can’t find where to download it on your website because I don’t see any player.

I’m still stuck on Zelda 2. You’ve already worked out 3 and got part of 4 done. This shit is getting serious man. Shame about the split but at least you’re doing what you guys love.

@okthatsnice same

i have never noticed how freaky that dude is before

This should have way more views.

my song of storms lyrics are
(the into bit: i wonder if it’ll rain tonight, yes it will rain tonight x2)
will it rain? will it rain?
yes of course it will rain
why, because i’ve played
the f*cking song of storms.

holy shit you made this so freaking addicting to listen to Brando

I love this, when I started listening I was singing

Baker man, Soldier man, Begger man and Thief;

Some are young, some are old, and some on their knees;

Broken legs, broken nose, swaying too and fro

As they walk that Great Western Road…

in my head, and it fits >.>

I guess David Byrne must be a Nintendo fan as well…

People collect many things, stamps, cds, ocarinas, I collect Song of storms lyrics!
So thank you for this addition :)

Your voice sounds very good, I like especially the “time to say goodbye line” it goes so smooth with the melody.
I wonder how it would sound with different lyrics.

@TheMarabouStork “Pure Imagination”

what’s the guitar song called?

Me and my friends made an epic cruising CD with all our random favorite stuff on it for when we cruise the city or hit the beach or whatever. This is number one on the album

Great work Brand0! Love all your stuff, keep up the good work!

@TheAmazingBrand0 Are you a fan of Zelda? i personally like the older zelda games better than the new ones :) Shame i sold my wii, i cannot play Zelda :/


D’abord du vent, puis de la pluie
Ensuite un putain d’ouragan
Nous allons tous mourir, c’est l’heure de dire au revoir
Nom de dieu, Putain de merde
J’ai 12 ans, qu’est ce que ├ža fait
Nous allons tous mourir ce soir

Hope you’ll sing it in french !
Thx for your songs.

French fan from france !

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