Smells Like Teen Spirit – Igor Presnyakov

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25 Smells Like Teen Spirit ( Nirvana ) . Interpreted and performed by Igor Presnyakov
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@oldrichflorian ASSHOLE

??????? ?????! ???? ?????????? ? ?????? ? ?????????……..

There are acutal peple who didn’t like this?? O_O the world is more fucked up than I knew… wow

He’s the real Guitar Hero!

If you see this kinda guy at a baseball game, with his guitar, nobody’ll watch the game xD

igor YOU are the BEST

@oldrichflorian And i think that can`t play a single chord ;)

@merijnvanesch and so do i >:]

Nirvana’s cover is nice, but this is amazing :)

I don’t like the original song that much as your version of the song. (BTW, I think that Kurt Cobain is one of the worst guitarists ever).

Like how he’s trying to look all mean and tough!!

@jonaswadil thank you thank you lol

smell like old spirit

wait.. let me throw my guitar trough the window….i be right back

?????? ????? :)

@makoonac Opinions vary and I don’t give a fk about yours :)

He has an amazing flow !

Polska !

Smells like Igor Presnyakov

@axeincar He looks nothing like boris the blade.

80 people tried do this in their home

smells like teen spirit, looks like boris the blade, bravo


i heard nirvana did a cov…

@H4GGz That’s special pick…

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