Slash – Godfather Theme – How to play on Guitar – Tutorial – Gibson Les Paul

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Dude, you rock! And the solo is awesome. I just might sign up for my school’s talent show…..



hey Marty ! wich scale you use at 8:23 ? i mean the solo….(im beginner)
thanks…it was great

What kindof les paul is that? i want that

teach the doraemon theme song

downloaded your app on iPhone.

@exhesham they are supposed to sound like a bitch.A gibson is meant for blues and jazz.Its a matter of taste for the sound.

if god played guitar he would watch marty schwartz

thanks! easy to learn :)

Please show us the rest of this song!

gibson sounds like a freaking bitch! fender is million times better

Please :)

Marty, Could you please teach this on a acoustic ? I learned this one you did but would like to learn the acoustic version

You play it the same as Slash, but you play it with a different style

thats not the slash version :(

Please make a tuto only with this solo! I love it!!!! <3

@greenday794 do you turn and bend over as well?

Marty, can you do a lesson on the rest of the piece. Please !

0:32 I wasn’t aware that Marty Schwartz was a pony?

i wish I had that guitar lol

what amp settings should I use for sound like this?

awesome lesson! marty rocks! haha would be really really great if you did a lesson on the solo tht comes later…

What happened w/ the intro?

@wming18 i have one!! =D

always hat…

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