Shape Of My Heart – Igor Presnyakov

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25 Sting . Shape of my heart . Interpreted and performed by Igor Presnyakov
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classic =)

@MrCommander0001 23, sir

amazing! fantastic!!!

my cover :)

?? ???????????? ?? ???? ???????!

I know the shape of Igor’s heart. Its a guitar.

what should you do when you accidently press dislike button?? :,S

Sungha Jung listened this,put his guitar down and start playing wow

i wanted to dislike this becouse its soo god that it has to be hated:))

Dominic Miller is now pissed i think :D

Big Boss. =)

:D Awesome

@MrCommander0001 Sting made this song, so stop talking nonsence. You, sir, disgust me.

He doesn’t need a guitar to play his music. Guitar only makes sound weaves. But his soul, his soul plays the music that many of us reading this comment enjoy.

this is soooo beautiful… it made me cry. :.)

shape of my igor..


23 -.- whywould someone dislike this. srsly

You can always tell when Igor is playing in a really cold room.

@MrCommander0001 Why would he… I think it would be an honour for him

just when i for one sec think sungha was coming close….
igor does something like this and clears all doubts….

@camster4153 you have an ear for details my friend…-)
I believe theres someone behind the camera singing along with Igor but also sometimes the melody Igor plays creates little harmony with his voice.
Its good thou,will you agree?

I remember Sting did a cover of this song some time ago…
I always wanted to listen the original version..;-)

Superb !

Anybody else pick up on the over-dubbed vocals?

he is amazing
one of the best players

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