Secondhand Serenade – Fall For You – Easy Beginner Acoustic Songs Guitar Lesson

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Could you please do “Just” By: Radiohead
That would really help. Thanks

I’m having trouble with the F chord :

Hey man, this is a very cool lesson! ive just created some beginner courses that you might want to check out on my channel. Its the Hub of a new website >> RexPearson. com << would love for you to check it out and let me know what you think


i like your tutorials not like the others…im only 10 years old…hard for me to use the chord F my fingers is not enought long…

i love your tutorials!!!!

what’s the picking pattern?

No matter what, Papa Roach.

plant a seed – Kottonmouthkings

Could You Do ‘ Broken – Second Hand Serenade ‘ Please?

can i request A Twist in My Story-Secondhand Serenade?

Three cheers for five years by Mayday parade
Dear Maria, Cont me in by All time low
If it means alot to you by A day to remember
Over my head by A day to remember :)

Can u teach me “If it means a lot to you by A Day To Remember”

thnx man!!!!!

u r my favourite teacher

u are so good marty….luv ur hats

may i request … damn regret -red jumsiut apparatus


Lmao! At 7:12 he sounds like Jack Black! xD

hey i have that same shirt man i love that dude hes a guitar legend

Same chords as Written to the stars xDD

@MeStewieGriffin he has it

you are great ^_^
this thing sure helps :)

oh don’t worry, i got it now, just have to lift your fingers up a little :D

i don’t know how to do the chicka-chicka bit at the start of the 3rd verse D:

you are one of the heck jolly instructor!!! ahahaha!!! tnx 4 d vid!!! :)

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