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Scorpions Performing live at Wacken,2006. Klaus Meine(Vocals) Rudolph Schenker(Acoustic Guitar/B.Vocals) Michael Schenker(Acoustic Guitar) Matthias Jabs(Electric Guitar/B.Vocals) Pawell Maciwoda(Bass/B.Vocals) James Kottak(Drums/B.Vocals)

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i;m start to think that i need this for the rest off my life
its just pure music.
since my 8 years old,i have now 31, forever
thank you SCORPIONS

isaw them in brussels in 83 they sound just as good now as they did then

@elguavaemilio17 yes, it is reality!

@HeatherLovesNaomie lol my friend had a similar acoustic V until we got high in the forest and i smashed it LOL xD

@germancrazydj are they retiring or going to keep jamming ?

@HeatherLovesNaomie they rocked us like hurricanes

@tritop His screams doesn’t effect the tune of the song, the song remains perfect he was just doing more rocks gesture to make the crowd go wilder. This is indeed a great performance for me. Viva Scorpions.!!!

AWESOME performance by the GREATEST band of all time! SCORPIONS Never Fade!!!

@HeatherLovesNaomie thnx for tuning in & comment!
Rock on!!

I love the Scorpions, they rocked us all like a hurricane!

Legends!Rock giants!

an acoustic flying V xDD

I want one,too! xD

@AXEFLYERFV here is your translation:

“meine destroys the special magic of this song with his screaming in between, as much as i like him, anyway, but he´s just crazy .”

@AXEFLYERFV he things thats the screams of klaus are going to kill the sing…in short words….well…i agree with him..i’m from germany to..

I like H. Meine very much, but here he destroys the special magic of
that song with his interspered screamings much too often,
like a stadium-speaker.

@tritop can you translate so sorry ,I can’t read German!


der vernichtet den besonderen Zauber dieses Songs mit seiner eingestreuten Schreierei; so klasse wie ich ihn Meine eigentlich finde, er hat einen doch leichten Sprung unter der Haube



wow great concert

I was extremely fortunate to see the Scorpions perform at the Montreal Forum in 1984 while I was in highschool… To this day they still rock just like they did back then!

just want to see them live for the final time =(

Undoubtedly The Best Live Band in Rock, what band sounds like this Live ? None Scorpions are the Best ! Hands Down !!!!!!!

damn… if there is a singer from 1980 till now that has the same power of voice.. it is the MAN.. KLAUS MEINE.. holy shit.. he still has that power.. no doubt.. thanks for posting.. =)

Beautiful song ! :)

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