Schecter C-1 Custom and Solo 6 Standard Guitars

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For more gear reviews and videos check out In this video Guitar World’s gear editor Paul Riario demonstrates the features of the Schecter C-1 Custom and Solo 6 Standard guitars.
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And the name of the song at 1:35?

what’s the name of the intro song?

ROCK is too soft for this guitar!

Hey did you plug the guitar straight in the amp?… or did you use pedals or stuff like that?

@mark12612 it’s called See Thru Black

Paul is actually a very good reviewer. Nobody else on youtube is as informative, to the point, and showcasing a hard rock edge… Just look at all the other amateur, blues oriented, rambling reviews of guitars on youtube…

@mark12612 – See through black. Really a greyish stain, can seem brown on some black stained guitars under certain lighting. That’s why it appears to change color…

Hey Paul: You fucking rock

What colour is this guitar? i can’t tell from the lighting, it makes it look brown then grey blue?

I love you paul!! (No homo)

hey paul, i’m in a dilemma in between choosing the schecter c1 custom or the prs SE paul allender which would you recommend ?

At least somebady can talk and play. His reviews are way better than World Music Supply’s reviews.

ive got one and its the best guitar ive ever played !!!!!

@gamergeek3000 No it is because of the pic amount of delay he is using with it… the C1 has more sustain because of the string through body.

i got the sunburst schecter c-1 custom :D

Does the Solo 6 probably have more sustain because of the fixed bridge?

i have a omen 6 with a floyd rose…. it’s a workhorse… i use it for live shows… i dropped two seymour duncan invaders it and it sounds awesome

@lozzag13 lol

i love my c-1 custom 2010.

@lozzag13 i think you are really cool

just ordered c-1, cannot wait, cannot wait, cannot wait

everytime i search for some guitars on youtube , this guy just pops in
Now i trust in his reviews ,
thanks paul !

if u don’t like the reviews don’t watch them plain and simple

schecter make shizztastic guitars, love mine

Beutiful guitar with killer features!!!

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