Scar Tissue – Red Hot Chili Peppers – How to Play the Chorus and Solos on Guitar John Frusciante

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marty, i have a good songs for beginners and its great on acoustic, the song is called take it easy by the eagles

In can play it im so happy man!!!!!!!

im only typing…….with one hand

Hey marty.. I gave you some Hate on the last part.. probably because i can’t stand staying on the same part for more than a minute.. depending on how quickly i pick it up. Anyway i would like to request a song if you would be so kind as to let me… I Think every guitarist who plays R.H.C.P this well deserves a challenge! Erlier Today i was trying to find a good RHCP song to learn, so i looked up aeroplane and there are no videos?!! PLEASE PLEASE learn it and stick it up! Happy Jamming

@hellridermyx hes saying one e and a, its how u count 16th notes

Tears in heaven is a good one to teach people cause of the easy beginner finger picking

Jhon Frusciante IS GOD GUITAR



@92delaney he says “oh sorry that’s 14″, 10 seconds later

really nice lesson…thank you :)

good lesson man! only thing is at 10:42 you say “up to 12″ but that is 14.

marty you my nigga.

i dont really like marty, i dont know why, but he is a great teacher.

marty can u do intro to pyro kings of leon please dude hope ur well :)

would you make a tutorial video on how to play “i will follow you into the dark” by death cab for cutie please

Thanks so much, Marty :D

Marty!!you are my favourite artist for youtube for learning the songs most populary!DRUGS

is that a white fender strat? like jimi hendrix’s?

could you please teach love spreads by the stone roses

I Think iam unsubbing, u barely show the chords, i cant see them for shit. Making this vid useless.

Can you do a tutorial for many of horror (when we collide)?

Givve meee moooreeee chilliiiiiii

@indagadavida sorry if i offend someone, but sincerely i? think you are a fucking dick head mate, who should shut the fuck up and have some respect!

@indagadavida You’re just saying that cause he can play guitar like a fucking god and you can’t. jajjajajaja.

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