SatchZone-Joe Satriani-Effects Lesson

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25 In this exclusive scene from the SatchZone ( Joe shows us how he uses his effects as a tool to help color his music. The SatchZone at Workshoplive combines Joe’s talents with the WorkshopLive style of learning. Check out the SatchZone only at
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hee hee hee lol

I notice Joe’s accent is a bit different, the tone emphasis and shit, doesn’t really sound like regular Joe. I don’t know…

@Wickd004 really? i think h does some vox demos too

@MrThacker101 haha thats fucked up and yeahh hahaha

i’m sorry but satch just is an unpleasant word :I MY SATCH ITCHES!!! (ps i love joe he’s awesome ;P)

@0rion2309 Only your boss me-70 sounds like shit, but don’t be sad, i have a gt 10 and it sounds like shit too :D

@bingefeller Awesome.

Everything he has on the ground seems be more or less in my boss me-70

That´s Amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

theres some early demos of the Satchurator on the board

holy shit the guy beside him is my guitar teacher!

His pedals probably cost more than my entire rig.

what song does he play in the beginning

@MrThacker101 YES

what song does he play in the begining

@MrThacker101 Even Joe himself knows about it.

where is the lesson it self?

@MrThacker101 I agree :)

love that you can hear his natural guitar because he’s not that loud in the beginning

who is barry fotter?

lard boldermort????

yup, YT just keeps getting more stupid all the time

pitch pedal ^_^

holy fuck he does look voldermort!

Lol, so lame its great!

0:38 – 1:00 SO COOL!!!

@MrThacker101 no voldemort looks like joe

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