Rise Against – Savior (Guitar Cover) (Lead and Rhythm)

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The tabs i wrote can be downloaded here. [Guitar Pro File] : www.megaupload.com [Adobe Acrobat Document] : www.megaupload.com You can try my sound settings if you have LINE6 POD series. [Line6 GearBox File] : www.megaupload.com
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Man, that’s awesome!

can you give me your tabs?? please

@paintcuber I’m not using any amps. I record my guitar sound to PC using Line6 Pod XT Live and audio interface.

nice cover.
but what are your amp settings? cuz it sounds almost the same like rise against

Nice work man!!

Great cover!, check my channel and see if im doing this song right :D


Wow, i figured this out by ear and according to you (being a guitar God and all) i actually got all of it 100% right haha. The only part i didn’t know how to play was the prechorus randomness that I still have trouble hearing

really good!!! nice job :)

That cover’s just spot on! awesome dude thanks :D You know that Tims amp produces a little bit heavier distortion than Zachs right?

if you watch how he plays next, you can listen and play together if we are careful :) i learned it that way :D

if you watch how he plays next, you can listen and play together if we are careful

i love you man :D

AMAzing song cover man, if it isn’t a huge problem with you could you do some more System songs… they were pretty f*cking legit, I have never seen anything like them, better than Daron Malakian, even. Just a request.

First of all awesome playing and ty for the pod files.
What programe do you use to record the sound?

@nsk4lyfe you can download my tabs from the link in the description

@mbrulz i’m using Adobe Premiere Pro.

I hate to be “that guy” but if you’ve written the tab, could you PLEASE send it to me? :D

Hey, may i ask what video editing software you are using?

Wow phenomenal :]

I have to say man you have some pretty quality covers/lessons on here man. top job!

Could you do a cover of the song DRONES – RISE AGAINST ????


Good job for the tabs your are fantastique thank you man !

got a vid of anythin u wrote???? love to hear it

Love the sound

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