Ricky Martin – She Bangs (English)

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Music video by Ricky Martin performing She Bangs. (C) 2000 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT (Holland) BV
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too bad hes a faggit

zajebista nuta:)

Ads in Spanish? What the fck.

Think of it this way : more women for you, cus im sure if he was straight all of the women in the world would be with him. im a straight male.

Lol leave it to the straight guy to say something stupid like that

@SlayerofFiction Jeez….you here as well SlayerofFiction….I just told you off on an Enrique Iglesias video posting. Stay away from these refined videos – please. Go comment on backwoods, jug-blowing, corn-holing videos. You’ll feel welcome there. LOL

I dont get gay people, they are giving up an extra hole which is ment to be pounded, its ok, SEnd me those hotties you turn away Ricky.

@EpicKittyLuver yup do a search, and why is beyond me, can nail the absolute hottest women on the planet and he chooses to lick nuts instead, go figure.

@adavila1997 So you want to have a fantasy night with him?

omg, this song is soooo amazing! I love it :)

Wait a moment. If this is ” She bangs ” video, why so many people here are focused on RM sexuality ? It doesn’t matter. What’s important for me is who is he as an artist and that his music is full of passion, love, energy, adrenaline. For me everything is simple : he gives them all, people who hate him don’t give this things to the world. So the obvious question is who is right and who is wrong in this topic ?

@adavila1997 He’s homosexual? Seriously? He sure doesn’t seem like it. But yes I agree with you.

i dont care what anyoone says… he is SO sexy! ;)


my first crush.

gay or not…. I dont care! .. He is soooooooooo hot! ;)

i think ‘she’ must be ‘he’

when i hear this song i always thinking off a great summer.

He’s hot ! *OO*

TALENT!!! That’s all should matter, I personally don’t care if he or anyone is GAY!! As long as they do their job who cares!!!!

@ghaida68 ..but he is gay..? where have u been?

@adavila1997 but he’s gay??????

he’s hot but not gay!!
end of the story :) !!

@adavila1997 Gay or not its Entertainment for us all. Bless him and grand dance music. Dance on my friend and all that read this post. Just have fun and love life. The wife and I love the dance and take lessons with this music. Its just fun and music…… ENJOY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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