Rep Gibson (NY-20) Challenged by Constituents

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Congressman Chris Gibson says he represents all the citizens of New York’s 20th District. At a Town Hall in Millerton, NY, on August 23, 2011, several of his constituents challenge him effectively on this point. Gibson has voted with the extreme right wing Republicans since he was elected last year. He was among those who held hostage the good credit of the United States, to preserve low tax rates for the very wealthy. He also voted to prohibit the Environmental Protection Agency from doing anything to limit the greenhouse gases contributing to climate change. Gibson signed the Grover Norquist pledge to not raise tax rates on billionaires, no matter how dire our fiscal circumstances. Does he represent you? Call him: 202 225 5614.
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Gibson is a great man who is one of the most honorable people I’ve ever known. It shames me that there are stupid ignorant people who want to put him down. He is actually trying to make a difference for all of us.

Republicans and Democrats are all the same, people. Stop being such blind sheep. Go check out some of the things Maxine Waters has said.

Why do republican voters elect dumb people like him as their leaders ?

To all republicans against low taxes for rich,

Do the same thing like Grover norquist. Make candidates sign an opposite petition to raise taxes for wealthy and then elect them. Given conservative ideology is against all taxes, how can you expect republican candidates to go against their ideology ?

@wakniss He is the unofficial lobbyist for some conservative wealthy. Search google.

God, that was just a massacre. A+ work, guys.

I want CONGRESSMAN JIM JORDAN of Ohio to be pinned in the same corner but those white bread, mayonnaise eating right-wingers in his home district will never do it. Jordan is a leading voice in Washington, DC for putting more money in the hands of the wealthy in the name of “I believe in tax reform, not raising tax rates.” It’s a smokescreen, America!

Don’t like him? Vote him out.

who is grover norquist ? why is he so popular ?

Raise taxes for the RICH! And CHURCHES!

At least these people were allowed to speak to him. Our representative, Larry Buschon, charged $15/per person for his town hall meetings. Sounds to me like Larry didn’t want to hear what the poor and unemployed had to say.

I love watching Republicans fail!

Here’s someone who will lose his job come election time, unless they use electronic voting in his district. He’s going to need some serious election tampering to stay in office.

CONS don’t represent their constituents. The MAJORITY of Americans have said raise taxes, they refuse to listen. Their whole goal is to starve the government of revenues so they can privatize what WE, our parents and grandparents PAID for. A DECADE of lost jobs during the shrub administration, the worst job growth since WW II under shrub yet they’re still trying to peddle tinkle down, they think people are stupid.

@AynRandFanJG “I object to war”

The only reason Ron Paul opposes war is because of the cost. He wants America to think of itself and appeals to the idea of being selfish. To not give a damn about the rest of the world and it’s problems because they aren’t our problems. He doesn’t even believe in treaties. He thinks small.

Kucinich, on the other hand, wants to make war a thing of the past in an interconnected world.

@AynRandFanJG “Are you suggesting that FEMA would have prevented those deaths?”

Yes, by coordinating local authorities during a mass evacuation.

Like every other country in the world does.

@AynRandFanJG “Are you under the delusional belief that FEMA prevents hurricanes and disasters?”

Now WHY did you have to go there? Are you stupid or do you just get a kick out of making like we are?

@warcra12 “If taxes are raised this money will be pissed away.”

You parrot. That’s a talking point. Not reality.

@warcra12 “True LIBERALS aren’t very smart down here. The Teaparty people think your fools.?”

Which raises the question: “Who CARES what they think?”

The Tea Party are a bunch of idiots, the result of thirty years of Right Wing lies. You know, the Right Wing used to be clever. They would craft language to try to sell their ideas to Liberals. They have bought into their own lies. They have repeated “this is a center – right country” so many times they believe it themselves.

America is Liberal.

@AynRandFanJG Hey,……dumbass,…..guess what?

Ron Paul is an asshole….

Throw every one of these TEA party assholes into the street and make them live by their own philosophy – no benefits, no health care and no pension. It’s what they prescribe for everyone else – they have 67 days of vacation a year. Do you?

Ignore the Ayn Rand Asshole – we have real problems – our middle class has been looted, corporations and hedge fund managers have stolen the country and this half-witted jerk wants us to read “Atlas Shrugged”. What a pathetic joke.

Another hard right two-faced corporate shill who would sell us down the river for a cush lobbying job after he gets through gifting more tax breaks to corporations. Our political system is bought and paid for but does not represent us. No confidence.

@AynRandFanJG Ron Paul is a joke and so are you. Ayn Rand was a speed freak who took advantage of medicare when she needed it.

@AynRandFanJG get run pauls dick out of your mouth and ayn rands fucking dick outta your mouth. Ron Paul and George Bush are both dicks and can go fuck themselves with a republican dick stick and when they finish up you can take your round you stupid son of a bitch.

@SenseOfRumor Putting Ron Paul and George W. Bush in the same sentence shows that you are partisan, and in no way rational. Obama is closer to George W. Bush than Ron Paul is.

Whatever your fantastic beliefs on why Ron Paul is anti-war, the bottom line is that he’s the only one who’s running who is anti-war, including the warmongering Obama.

Stop being a lackey for the Democrat party. Think for yourself and stop endorsing the murder of civilians.

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