Red Hot Chili Peppers – Scar Tissue – How to play on guitar – tutorial – pt 1 RHCP

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Thanks, Marty! You helped me develop all kinds of skills I needed to play music with a band! You’re a beast, man!

3:57…repeat over and over :)

where is part two????

thank you so much!

‘hes out of the band… well for now. you never know whats gonna happen’

@reniisgod SAME! :D

I really prefer finger picking this song, i feel it more doing it that way

could you do a tutorial of a spanish song ‘depende -jarbabe de palo’?

5:02 O_O

@SuperChongoBoy Your a cunt

e = 5 55 5
B = 5 5-6 6 66 6 6-5
Dø it again

@stopdropburn90 That is a good idea!

marty dude u need ya own show!
cheers bra!

Crimen Sollicitationis


Frusciante is mine too!!! :D

All your stuff is done very well. Thanks for sharing. I like nothing better than waking up on a day off and learning a great song. Thanks again.

i love you.

its so boring speed it up man


Marty, you’re the Andrew Kramer of guitar. Is Frusciante your favorite guitarist? He is mine.

One suggestion though…
Instead of playing the G note on the 8th fret of the B-string,
Why not play it on the 12th of the G-String with your pinky?

That way you can maintain the same hand position.

Keep making great tutorials. :)

@wowprogamer1 love you too

@fattyifalive lool

@wowprogamer1 get rid of your dumb comments please

what are the settings of your amp? please

@SuperChongoBoy everybody doesn’t have your guitar level and if you are so bored you just have to skip the moment you think it’s so long. You’re not idiot. No ?

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