RATM – Killing in the Name – Igor Presnyakov – acoustic cover

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nice cover! haha

OMG THAT HAT!!!!!!!!!!

guitar is amaizing, but there should be more anger in voice.

greeeeeeeeeeeeat! i love it

OH MY GOD if i had to rate it it would be 1000000000 out of 1

Dont try to tell him what to do.

That was a great cover

@TheOrionification hhahah

The way igor says FUCK YOU really cracked me up..it’s hilarious…his mudafucker really is fuckin epic…i give you 9/10 … the guitar solo and slap really is damn good !!!

when igor says fuck you he says from his soul ;) )

“Tom Morello, I’m your father… In white Version, yes.” GOOD JOB MAN! =D

moterfucker :D

Didn’t think he’d be able to pull off the solo, but once again igor has proven me wrong. I gotta say the “fuck you I won’t do what you tell me” was rather humorous, and I laughed outload when he said motherfucker haha

La guatona tetona lml

he`s givin it blues

First time that i see a Tom Morello solo in a acoustic guitar. Now i see that it’s not impossible to do :)

I like how he says fuck

My daughter will be named Igor.

In this video he actually looks like a real russian…

I couldn’t stop laughing when Igor started to swear! And yes Igor Rock!!!


no. tom presnyakov!

Igor Morello.

@Njurborging I could. I do like his songs, but I didn’t like this one. I won’t press dislike, but it isn’t so unbelievable

Hearing Igor say “motherfucker” was just wonderful

@MrMachnick lol xD

How did he choose this song? He is the best…

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