Radiohead – There There (Live Acoustic) – 20/6/2003

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Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead carry out at Electric Lady Studio the track ‘There There’ from the album ‘Hail To The Thief’. This is from the Morning Becomes Eclectic session for KCRW (thanks to comments). Thom sings and plays the acoustic guitar whilst accompanied by Jonny on an electric. Recorded at 20th June 2003. Note: The colours were already like this and I personally feel this is the greatest version of this song I’ve heard. I’d adore for someone to tab the song as it is played in this video. All the other tabs I’ve located on-line of this are nothing alike.
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Thom: Guitars out of tune…fuck it Ill tune up while playing.

it help me when i need it the most

When ever I listen to this it makes me want to sit and enjoy a nice view

love Jonnys patients

I love how instant the applause is! Fantastic version!

thought of this video after 4 years…very glad to see it still up…thank you!!

fucking hell

if every singer (or those who like to call themselves as such) out there could sing even a tiny tiny bit this well, we’d be living in a way better world.

Great video. Guys i made a cover of There There, from a Radiohead fan to another, please check it out ?v=AceI5cjJTPY

@MsKelliemaree Living legends. Gods among men.

@fac3tious Greetings from Venezuela (Next to Brasil) my Friend. Answering your question, I’m sure it must be quite difficult for him to contain himself due to the fact that this song is a work they developed altogether and of which they feel very proud. When I listen to it I can’t help moving my body from one side to the other. In one instance, Radiohead Got an award for the best animated video the same year the song was released. If you want to contact me this is my e mail

…….zZZz Klara, ,,,,

@fac3tious I think he does to be honest, lol

i think 19 people miss click the thumbs up

I like this more than anyone else in the whole World so there! (there)

I listen to Thom and my coffee goes cold in my hand

@jarhead1292 no

does jonny greenwood sing at all?

@Faragnigskni Radiohead definitely changed my life musically

I wonder if it’s hard for Jonny to contain himself during acoustical sessions.

Does this song have more views than any other off hail to the Thief?

it easy to forget what a great guitar player thom is

@mexworx yes! I did too haha. amazing. sooo long ago.

Thank you for uploading this. This indeed is the best version of this song, i remember hearing it in some station with winamp’s media browser a loooong time ago.

Only radiohead can make an odyssey and 1984 reference in the same album… gotta love em

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