PS22 Chorus “VIVA LA VIDA” Coldplay (acoustic guitar version)

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25 The PS22 Chorus of 2009 has some fun with Coldplay’s Grammy nominated song Viva La Vida, the incredible new hit single from the album of the identical name. Hope it sweeps the Grammies! I love watching them sing this one, and it has type of a different sound and feel on the guitar than the previously posted piano and acapella versions, so I thought it merited YouTubeage…. April sings the solo and sounds far better than ever on this 1. The PS22 Chorus consists of about 60 fifth graders and have sung with Tori Amos, Crowded Home, among a lot of others. Pay a visit to our above website to find out far more about these remarkable New York City public school youngsters. Coldplay’s new album comes highly suggested, featuring the songs: 01 Life in Technicolor 02 Cemeteries of London 03 Lost! 04 42 05 Lovers in Japan/Reign of Really like 06 Yes 07 Viva la Vida 08 Violet Hill 09 Strawberry Swing 10 Death and All His Friends
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Perfect !!!

i wish and want to sing with you there youre so awesome <3

amazing, tears tears

gorgeous kids singing beautifully!


wow they are cute and sing so good xD

woooow super tierno, inspirador y sobre todo honesto

The girl who did a solo was super good(:


they are so so cute they make me cry so beautiful

Sooooo gooooood!!!

magnifique! :)

the future’s in good hands :]

why didn’t ellen discover these guys?!


That was brilliant! I could watch this over & over.

After listening to that… I can die in peace tonight.


i get chills from listening to them.. they sound better than alot of adult choirs.

The harmonies give me chills. c;

I am not telling to the dislike-rs what I really think of them because I do not want the kids to read something like that…anyway…the best thing about this video is smiley faces of many races, happy to be there with each other…

i went to ps6

Pure joy, emotional, tearing up

My day isn’t complete without listening to these guys. Thanks you SO MUCH for posting these. They really brighten up my day.

please get this on itunes, I want to listen to this whereever I go

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