PS22 Chorus 2011 “Envision” John Lennon

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25 Thoroughly proud to present the video premiere from the PS22 Chorus of 2011, putting a new spin on the John Lennon classic, “Envision.” I don’t think any of my choruses in all the years prior has put forth a more solid debut in such a brief quantity of time! Harmonies are tight, the feeling is there, and this group is ready to rawwwwk!! This was filmed nowadays at only the 2nd rehearsal with the full group. Azaria delights with her unique instrument and pitch-excellent delivery on the solo, and Mr. Eberle adds that additional magic touch guesting on the acoustic guitar. So it’s safe to say, 2011′s IN DA Residence — and it is bound to be quite a year! And as often, love and thanks to Ms. Lisa for capturing this performance (and countless others!) on video……
Video Rating: four / five

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Stop comparing this to Glee. Glee is bs.
THIS. This is real life. Amazing

Amazing……. thats all I can say


It’s amazing to see a teacher who so LOVES what he does..This was amazing!!

this is the answer to racism, every body singing together! with peace!

6 people have no heart

I was listening to Family Guy’s Don’t Stop Believing and ended up listening to these kids and couldn’t stop. They truly do have voices..

Are there uniform days?

We need a LOVE button for this one…

We need a LOVE button for this one…

Real Life Mr.Schuester … Congrats !! amazing job!!

This was beautiful

Greg Breinberg, you are a truly amazing man.

This is truely inspirational.

From Spain, congrats…you’re absolutely AWESOME.

once again your amazing -dramadog11111

Why did have tears come to my eyes. Awesome!

There is no heaven…there is no hell. Live for today. I hope, someday, you’ll join us…and the world will live as one.

@lainegaga a música é universal. Obrigado pelas suas amáveis ??palavras

why is there someone like Rebecca Black famous, and these kids aren’t? Beautiful work.

these kids rox!

the teacher is like a real life Will Schuester… but better

this is beautiful!

@jicobry Awwwwwww…. :3

haaa pessoal esqueci de falar o nome do meu projeto se chama vozes cidadãs ta, e daqui de são paulo ok

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