Prop8 Andrea Gibson – I do

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Andrea Gibson performs, “I Do” live at GirlFest, Hawaii
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Okay, I’ve watched this like three times and something else in it has made me cry each time. Good lord.


WOW !! That was Beautiful and very moving.2 of my elderly aunts 91 & 89 Well One was a blood aunt of my husbands & the other was her best friend & roomate and business partner of 67 years!! 67 !! She was considered family. It was known in the family that they were lesbians but they NEVER felt they could make it known. That always saddened me. I can’t imagine how hard that must have been to NEVER to be able to say I LOVE HER or kiss her or be able to be PROUD of what they had in front of others.

@bjg223 The tune of it is similar to “Blue Moon”. I think that’s the one I’m thinking of.

The 11 people who disliked should go to hell…. Thats all i have to say.


Ok this is awesome! So true!! Haha some parts made me smile too. :)

This is so beautiful..this is love. How can love be legislated away? bullshit!

Blue moon

she so right! just found out about andrea’s poems a few days ago and i’m impressed and touched by her words.

this moved me to tears. absolutely amazing.

@coralilyy really i never would’ve guessed it sounds soo familiar.

@bjg223 she made it up. its part of her poem

what the hell is the song she starts off singing???

I cried.

mind. blown. <3

@SchrodingersPet “Mom” is the American spelling. “Mum” is the English spelling. Y’know, how they spell it in England.

@HJManson you are hilarious.

@SchrodingersPet no i was right the first time, it’s the English spelling. you are a terrible person

@HJManson the “correct” English spelling? uh maybe you mean the British spelling. “Mom” is how you spell it in the US. And I’m heartless? Insulting large amount of people, and I’m the heartless one? uhh….

@SchrodingersPet the correct, english spelling is ‘mum’ so do some revision. you’re a heartless individual

@HJManson your “mum”? think about your spelling before you call somebody else a cretin. Also, you should know better that when you insult people in a certain way, you will go get something firing back at you. And I didn’t know that a youtube comment that brought up your mom’s maybeline lipstick would ever “reduce you to tears” just because she has passed away. Also. I was in no way insulting your mom there, I was only insulting you. And yes I am content, because you are quite hilarious.

@SchrodingersPet a lot more prettier? what dire grammar you cretin! and my mum’s dead so your comment reduced me to tears i hope you’re content

@HJManson I’m sure if she put on your mom’s maybeline lipstick and got a long-haired wig, wore smth hollywood celebrities would, you’d consider her a lot more prettier. Too bad though, bc obviously she could care less. & although, I don’t even feel the need to defend her on that area, I do feel the need to insult idiots like you. Since instead of listening to her poem, all you care about is how she looks (she looks very casual & handsome fyi.) & most lesbians are just gorgeous. so stfu or gtfo.

genuinely upset by this video, whoever said calling lesbians ugly is a generalisation/stereotype should watch this bint

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