Poor Romance – Igor Presnyakov

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www.cdbaby.com please check Igor’s new website : www.igorpresnyakov.com Bad Romance ( Lady GaGa ). Arranged and performed by Igor Presnyakov . www.youtube.com For special video’s and new audio mp3 packs please check Igor’s new web site : www.igorpresnyakov.com

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Kick ass guitar playing!!!

Kick ass guitar p


@GChussir2 Too bad he’s from the netherlands! :)

This guy is awesome with a guitar!!!!

Only a russian con look so manly playing this song.

Who else wants a Rad Bromance with Igor ?

I can’t choose between Sungha Jung and Igor hahaha, I think Igor give tutorial to Sungha hahaha. :) )

I’m typing “iggypres” in the search bar and it auto-corrects “Impress” Hahaha nice ;p

@Julpynt That comment is already on other Igor video ¬¬ hahaha

244 People musta had a Bad Romance…

Igor played guitar for 6 days, and on the 7:th day he created the world :)

@StRaPSTaRZn22 XDDDDDD Very well very well… i’m agree

I.G.O.R = Im God Obviously , Retards!

Now I love Lady Gaga and this man

@Forisguitar they are finger picks

Does anybody knows what he wears in his fingers?? thanksss

The dislike bar is like Lady Gagas penis, its small? and shouldnt be there..

??? ??? ??????? ????? ;) ????????????? ??????)

jealous voice!

holy shit!

I think Igor is one of Gaga’s “Little Monsters.” Welcome to the club!!!!!!

242 ppl don’t have a guitar. Or they suck at playing guitar

@garnettk21 ahahahahahah

@gitrdun2006 Idd!!!!!

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