PHIL X Plays the Santa Monica Guitar Show 2010 PART1

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Santa Monica Guitar Show 2010 PhilX in part one of the guitar show series… Phil walks you through a couple tunes and the new Evil Robot Custom Amp

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man i don’t no how you do it but you actually make the hotel california look and sound better than the original :)

Nice clean sound on that guitar. I want one! :)

Amazing, that last solo was great

@Tassel0 it’s a theremin app

@alexxjimmyy yeah Bille joe uses this junior…. but i thing billie joe┬┤s junior has slim neck and H90 pickup.

I want that tone! I’m always trying to get that tone!! Is it the guitar? Can somebody tell me how I get that tone?

@alexxjimmyy phil X’s guitar

When he started playing the whole lotta love solo, my face was all like “WTF this shit’s awesome!”

he always plays the same shit on all his vids whole notta love phil try something different for us in 2011 were waitin!

@Tassel0 Theremin app :)

his personality sells his playing

@Tassel0 i think its just bebot

Billie Joe’s guitar.

The app is called the therminator and it works well!


The original instrument is called a Theremin so look for this …

@frettedamericana i got the same one but an epihpone wit simor dincans or something is that good? : D

there are seriously 3 theremin apps in the app store

nice gitter

Dude, were you using Bebot? That is my favorite app!

@Tassel0 i have a feeling it could be sampletoy, i have the app on my phone and it sounds similar. hope im right one now i’ve gone and replyed. i want to try it but i’m at university at the moment and don’t have an amp, sad times! :P

I love this guy! An awesome guitar player, excellent singer and sooo funny!!!

haha, he messed up the first verse to funk no.49…

@Tassel0 Bebot….awesome app, I asked em that last week when I met em, fucking awesome guy!

what’s that trick with the iphone?

hahah phil is crazy (in a good way) nice vid.

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