Paul McCartney – Chaos & Creation at Abbey Road 1/7

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Paul returns to Studio 2 at Abbey Road, the room where all the Beatles records were made, for an intimate journey through his songwriting history, from his very first Beatles song to the work on his new album “Chaos & Creation In The Backyard”. Aided and abetted by producer Nigel Godrich (Radiohead, Travis) & using a selection of vintage instruments from his own collection (including the bass played by Bill Black on Elvis Presley’s orginal recording of Heartbreak Hotel and the Mellotron & mixing desk used by the Beatles) Paul re-visits his back catalogue in new & revealing ways in front of an audience of just 64 people, including wife Heather, Fran Healy from Travis and Guy Chambers among others. He’ll be re-interpreting old songs, revealing new ones, playing some great cover versions & enlisting the audience’s help in a demonstration of “in the moment” songwriting & arranging. Music included in the programme: -Paul on Acoustic guitar playing “Friends To Go” and “How Kind Of You”. -This is followed by the recording of an alternate version of “Band On The Run”. -On Acoustic again, Paul performing the pre-Beatles song “In Spite Of All Danger” -Paul singing a couple of verses of “Twenty Flight Rock”. -Paul on Piano playing a Gospel-type rendition of “Lady Madonna”. -Also on Piano a song about English Tea. -A couple of bars of “Heartbreak hotel” played on an Upright bass. -Paul demonstrating the Mellotron and making up a song with it. -The opening bars of “Strawberry Fields
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@catchytune909 I think it’s called an ambigram.

I would give anything to go to one of these but hosted by George Harrison

does anybody know the name of the typography he uses at the begining of the video? it´s very cool cause that `Paul McCartney´ can be read backward and forward =)

@BL80488 they kind of did….but it was his son dahni(and beatles) that finished georges abum….i think

when I saw this video, my initial thought was something along the lines of “ahh it’s cool that paul mccartney is playing at abbey road.” it’s funny, the place has become such an icon on its own and has had so many great musicians play there that I forgot for a second the reason it’s so well known- george and paul and ringo and and john


I’d rather say – plastic surgeons :P

thank you thank you thank you for posting this, i´ve been trying to find this since i ever saw on tv

@jandirafeijo Isn’t he? :D

He is a fantastic man.

wish my music class was like this :)


Paul and Ringo need to do for George what they did for John. Take a few of his demos and complete them. Thumbs up if you agree

I really can’t understand how this video have 17 dislikes!

This shows he really appreciated the 3 of his bandmates..

it skipsfrom 6:10 to 6:12
one second is lost

Love “Friends To Go”!

McCartney… Or, is it Sir Paul McCartney or whatever? How on earth did he inherit the title ‘Sir’? Mind really does boggle on this one. For one – Can’t sing for toffee and for years he ‘piggy-backed’ off John.

Total disrespect for all the families that lost loved ones during the Northern Ireland conflict. Producing a record titled ‘Give Ireland Back To The Irish’. Released 25 Feb 72.

I’d pay good money to see him repeat these words to families still in mourn. How many soldiers Paul?

2:36 you can see all the memories of paul in that look

@nico69l1 and surgery

When he said he could still see the guys I felt so sorry for him, he must really miss them :’(

BEautiful, but you could have coded the audio in higher quality, so there wouldn’t be so much hiss

i love u Pauly <3

16 people never lived


@onthemoveagain no, he sounds like paul macartney….

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