Paul Gilbert’s Ultimate Ibanez Guitar

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Paul Gilbert tells Larry DiMarzio how he came to design his new Ibanez Fireman Guitars & the initial time he played it in the studio with Uli Roth.
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Here you have one of my favorite guitar player hanging out with one guy who’s last name is on my favorites pickups. Nice!

every guitar player’s dream = a dinner with Paul Gilbert while talking about guitars.

fuckin badass

Must get!!!!! Goes on guitar center…… 7000 DOLLARS!!??


man… i wish i could use chopsticks :/

Phallic thruster….

you have to admire pauls enthusiasm .how does a guy involved so deep for so long, working so hard keep it up .look at him hes like a kid buzzing on about his new toy . amazing guy amazing player.i feel younger just by hearing him talk.

Pauls wife is hot

@JonnyYang123 Hi, No, we were eating Japanese food.
Hope that helps,

That looks so tasty doesn’t it? 0:56-

is paul gilbert a vegetarian???

paul needs to eat a secong helping…

Fat necks, yes, I’ve met Paul, we put our hands together and he is a tall guy with large hands. Jeff Beck had fat necks and recanted later. The neck joint’s ‘fatness’ has nothing to do with it, but it is the neck joint thats important. You can work it out, I’m not telling! :o )

wtf r they eating

Paul’s the best dude, Larry’s a close second though.

Can someone tell me the name of the song at the beginning ???

That dude on the far right looks like James May lol

@qwecars Jordan Colley at Ibanez, and Paul’s wife Emi

@turtlehead12699 I was under the impression that the Fireman neck was massive!

Great video, very interesting. By the way, where is this at? And who are the two other people at the table?

Larry looks bored ! haha

5:23 LOL

@turtlehead12699 Hi, I am not sure about the neck thinner neck dimensions.
I think the planned release from Ibanez is late summer.
Hope that helps,
Larry DiMarzio

hey i would like to know is the neck for these guitars thinner than normal guitar, because i like thin necks

nice video, can?t wait to see more like it

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