Paradise Lost–Hallowed Land

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From the 1995 album Draconian Times released on the Music For Nations label. UK Goth/Metal band. Copyright of song/music belongs to the band and so on. Vocals – Nick Holmes Lead/Acoustic Guitar – Gregor Mackintosh Rythm/Acoustic Guitar – Aaron Aedy Bass Guitar – Steve Edmondson Drums/Percussion – Lee Morris LYRICS— You’d really like to be so far away, It’s not a lengthy way to go, it’s gonna end in your pain. Greet open handed stranger, Produce the turmoil, you are not sane, I want the last 1 to go the embers will revive, So stay. You want to live a lifetime each and each day. You’ve struggled prior to, I swear to do it again, You’ve told it before till I, until I’m weakened and sore. Seek Hallowed Land. You’d love to see correct by means of my veins, The pale reflection tells all, predominations sustain, Crawl over land or mountain in sight the ultimate escape, A sillhouette subsiding, enticed unable to relate. You want to live a lifetime, each and every single day. You have beckoned prior to, you will by no means do it once more, You’ve prayed prior to, who are the prayers for? Begone the fools that lead me-I require not to know, Accept reclining spirit, I require to endure. You try to live a lifetime each and every and each and every day, In this brief time of promise, you are a memory…….. (Holmes/Mackintosh)

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This is my favorite metal band for the past 7 years.

One of the best albums ever. I remember buying it the day it came out and from the first song, Enchantment, I was already blown away. The quality did not drop throughout the whole album. Will always remain in my top 10 albums of all time.

great song, I like it

For me, there are something about a few metal albums, like this one or Brave Murder Day (Katatonia) which seems to be some kind of “magic”. And most of the times, I am disgusted that there is a big lack of those albums.
But finally, the fact that they’re unique make them even more precious!
I don’t know if you understand what I mean, but it is a very special feeling.

@Louloudito I feel sorry for you that you’ve lost such a great album. :(
But now, you still can buy the re-release…if you haven’t done yet! ;)

I can’t understand people that complain about PL changing their musical style and all…both kick arse

I always loved the album cover art…so beautiful
and the music too of course

@AndyTheNihil its Bm!!

@AperiZ9 Lacuna Coil

se liges wres….dn meneie poly…..

Who the fuck pushed the dislike button?!?!?

@AdiorthotoZ 8a pesei to fuzz file….

waiting eagerly until 19/03…live at athens….fucking paradise lost…!!!!

tin paraskeui live sto fuzz !!!

I lost my copy of this cd somewhere in Sweden. Damn at least Swedes appreciate good music! Greetings from Greece.

can’t wait to watch them live @Fuzz Club @ 19th March (Greece) ____ really can’t wait 0_0

if you like Paradise Lost check out Foundation And Empire’s new album Untitled One. just go to myspace music and look up Foundation And Empire, then click on Artists and they are the Foundation And Empire from Minneapolis MN. the entire album is available there. check it out!

i put the? 201 like :)
simply one of the best song’s out there

i put the 200th like XD great song!! love this album

I put Paradise Lost up there alongside Opeth as one of the major metal bands around…they , like Opeth, never fail to amaze me with every album..quality metal.

I can’t wait until I see them in a few months, it’ll be for the new Draconian Times tour their doing!

I feel so alive when I hear this and enjoy it so much!

So much strength and feeling in this song

Wow,make me remember my 15 years old…still sound really cool.

Wow,meke me remember my 15 years old…still sound really cool.

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