Panic! At The Disco – “New Perspective” ACOUSTIC (High Quality)

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Panic! At The Disco performs “New Perspective” inside X1039′s Sanderson Ford Studio X located at Uranus Recordings in Tempe, AZ

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good on ya Spence.. way to break the tamborine :P

i swear to god how can you have a range like that, its just insane he can hit high low and vibrate his voice, when i first heard his voice a few years ago i thought theres no way this guy can sound like this hes probably tuned, but damn he sounds good with his voice alone, true talent

Hahahaha spence – my tangerine is falling apart!! I loled;) & holy crap brendon Urie is too hot to be worthy to sit on my phone screenD: gee, he can really sing too. Must marry this dude:( pitty he’s 10 years older than me:’( gonna.die. Why is he married:(((((

omg brendon urie is the most beautiful person in the world and should NOT be getting married. #1 hes to young even tho hes 24. #2 i love him and hes so beautiful… he is the most talented beautiful person, the only songs i listen to is his, and i wish he was my age… :D

@MimiTheMouseWriter that never ends well dont let her D: poor frank D:

@sk8tafrnk it is when he does it:P

@flurogreen That’s not something badasses do.

Repeating this beast of a song! actually in love!!!

@0:27 lmao

ok he’s got an impressive vocal range… HES A SEXY BEAST! I MUST MARRY HIM! my sister wants to lick his face

@BeaYootiful when is he not attractive!?!

I’ve been obsessed with Panic! For a long time… Like a LONG time, and I still havent gotten tired of their current and old music!!!(((: -3

3:05 Super attractive :P No joke, I love how he can make a joke of anything and everything. It’s really adorable.

@missnowitall36 THE BEST FUCKIN NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!!!! Brendon Urie was absolute godly perfection!!!!! He sang perfect, his dancing was so sexy and adorable AND the ballroom was small so i was literally 6 and 1/2 feet from him!!!!! And he was really funny and quite a bit inappropriate but it was amazing, and they played A LOT of songs, from all three of their albums!!!!!!! IT. WAS. FUCKIN. AMAZING.

poor tambourine player the girls never say “oh my god that tambourine solo got me so hot”. he has to sit there with that tambourine and watch girls go right past him to get to Brendon. i couldn’t do it.


I was 15 when I first heard of P!ATD, the first song I heard from them was I Write Sins, Not Tragedies, fell in love with them right there. Bought A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out with my birthday money when I turned 16. It was the only CD I would listen to. :D

“My Tambourine Is Falling Apart I lost My Old One Yesturday”

@YankessLove13 How. Was. The. CONCERT?!

Brendon. Urie. Your. Fuckin. A. Sex. God. And. Im. Dying. Because. Im. Going. To. Your. Concert. Tomorrow. AND. YES. THESE. PERIODS. ARE. NECESSARY. TO. EMPHASIZE. THE. FACT. THAT. THINKING. ABOUT. SEEING. THEM. LIVE. TAKES. MY. FUCKIN. BREATH. OUT. OF. MY. CHEST.

anyone else cry at 3:10?

I really do miss Ross’ lyrics. A Fever was such a fantastic album lyric wise that their other works haven’t lived up to. I guess he got all his angst out on that piece of work :( .

@lipsticky123 a piece of his tambourine that came off as he was playing it

am i the only the one who wants to know what spencer picked up and threw into the audience ?

Who needs porn when you have Brendon’s voice?

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