Orion (Full) – Rodrigo Y Gabriela

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A cover of “Orion” by Metallica with two acoustic guitars by Rodrigo and Gabriela. I thought they did a wonderful job and didn’t see any posts of the full version of the song, so i decided to post it. Take pleasure in Artist: Rodrigo and Gabriela Song: Orion (cover) Original Artist: Metallica

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His solos are better that Kirk’s xD in some parts Rodrigo put some of his own style too

Rule No.2
Learn how to spell INTERNET.

@nez349 fuck you!! and enjoy the all piece of cliff burton, :) thumbs down for you.

@julio13wrathchild Rule # 1 is actually “Do not talk about /b/” -.- newfag

is that gabriela’s braw next to the guitar?

thumbs up if you skipped to 3:35 haha

it’s actually not a flamenco, it’s an acoustic guitar, just like tuned weird or sumthing….

beautyfull flamenco headbang.

@mathizone1 Then listen the real Orion song (Metallica – Orion)

awesome cover man!!!

It’s as good as original ORION, and even better (for pop fan :D ).
Amazing music!!!

its nice apreciating this two persons from mexico which is where i come from give their best at what they are good at.

it’s amazing how these people can play guitars so flawlessly, I went to a concert of there’s and they played this song, not a single note missed.

@LegendofPelliott LOL. well played sir

Better percussion than Lars.

When Cliff made Orion, he probably didn’t imagine it could end up like this, nice.
R.I.P Cliff Burton.


Bass solo! lml

I can’t believe that this is nylon strings… damn

@julio13wrathchild lol no

LOL Trolls xDDD

:D uuuh hace un buen que no escuchaba esta interpretaciĆ³n… muy buena!!! ^^

@GeorgeLennon77 youre right man!!!!But In Mexico Dont See the talent they have!!!:/

i listened to this the other day when i was high as hell and it was so soothing and relaxing. great cover! i love it equally as much as the original!

Rodrigo & Gabriela should be better known here in Mexico… VIVA MEXICO CABRONES!!!

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