OMG by Usher – Acoustic Cover Version (Tiffyiffyiffy)

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My acoustic spin of Usher and WillIAm’s OMG… hope you guys like it!! My subsequent video is coming out THIS WEEK! To find out what it is, add me on twitter @ I know the guitar is like twice my size! lol …. PS … I do not know who stated I was saying “balls”… I’m saying moves. Honey got some MOVES like… just to clear that up………… :S WOW THANK YOU guys when once again for your generous support: #7 – Most Discussed (Right now)) – Canada #1 – Most Discussed (Right now)) – Music – Canada #15 – Most Discussed (These days)) – Music #41 – Most Discussed (This Week)) – Canada #four – Most Discussed (This Week)) – Music – Canada #77 – Most Discussed (This Week)) – Music #28 – Most Discussed (This Month)) – Music – Canada #49 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Music – Germany #18 – Most Viewed (Nowadays)) – Music – Australia #18 – Most Viewed (These days)) – Music – Canada #45 – Most Viewed (Right now)) – Music – New Zealand #35 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Music #93 – Most Viewed (Right now)) – Music – South Africa #77 – Most Viewed (Today)) – Music – Netherlands #two – Best Favorited (Nowadays)) – Canada #66 – Leading Favorited (Right now)) #two – Top Favorited (Right now)) – Music – Canada #17 – Best Favorited (Today)) – Music #19 – Best Favorited (This Week)) – Canada #6 – Top Favorited (This Week)) – Music – Canada #50 – Leading Favorited (This Month)) – Music – Canada #3 – Leading Rated (Today)) – Canada #94 – Best Rated (Right now)) #1 – Top Rated (Today)) – Music – Canada #9 – Top Rated (Nowadays)) – Music #12 – Leading Rated
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ure soooooo goood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean you’re so GooooooooooooooooooooooooD !!

I like …

Wauw, i really love it.
This version is way better than the original!

I’m so blown away!!!! I can not express how wonderful this music is! Siren is one of my FAVORITE artists. Period.

Very nice…..

WOW!!! X


OMG! You are phenomenal.. I am in LOVE with your voice.. SO much talent and soul to your voice.. Keep up the great work

i love it!!

I LOVE ME SOME Tiffyiffyiffy! Wow! You play that guitar girl! I am still working on my guitar! Love your voice! You sound like an Angel…. You look like one too! Love ya here in Dallas TX. I am sharing your music with everyone I know here in Dallas. We Love you! You are truly a TREASURE! Kelly


Gosh!!!! I love ur videos!!!
this is just my favorite :)
u should make a lot of videos like this XD

I like her version way better than the original Usher version.


i love this cover, do you have the chord progression you used?? x

From me … A BIG FREAKIN WOW !!!!!!

wow… i was chicken skin xd, awesome

That was amazing this is the kinda stuff that really inspires me so I started doin my own covers last week
I would love for u to check out some of my videos and let me know what u think I just started posting videos ;)


Another Beyonce

demas, amezing!

when we listen to ur voice we have to say OH MY GOD !

ONE M0:00RE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow wow wow …

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