Officer James Niggemeyer at Dean Guitars NAMM 2008

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Officer James Niggemeyer comes to Dean Guitars booth for a onterview about the shoting of Dimebag Darrell at Dean Guitars NAMM 2008 he talks about how he was the initial officer at the crime scene.

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@heavymetal929292 Mayhem was the huge dude with the long goatee and ponytail.


That man is a true hero…nerves of steel… PERIOD!

I forgot someone tell me which bodyguard mayhem was again please

@youreallcrackheads FUCK YES.

Fucking Hero! Soo Sad that four people had to die at the hand of that maniac, but it was fortunate that this guy showed up to make a difference.

If it were Los Angeles, he would have been too busy writing tickets to show up at the scene. RIP Dime and the others. This world sucks just a little more without you!

the 2 worst days of my live 9/11/01 and 12/8/04

Officer James Niggemeyer Thank you!!

this guy seems ok and ive respect what he’s done, but from what i’ve seen there are more than a few douche cops…

@youreallcrackheads You don’t know about what they care about because you aren’t one and you obviously don’t have any family members that are. The officer that arrested you for “blocking the sidewalk” is an asshole yes. I agree. But it’s retarded to hate all cops because of the few retarded ones that have screwed you over. Every cop I know is very respectful, seems like you just ran into the bad ones. If you met my dad I can promise you you wouldn’t hate him, he’s a great guy.

@GUITARPLAYAx93x they can all burn in hell all they care about is their pay and nothing more i almost got arrested for “blocking the sidewalk” one day when i was tired another time for smoking pot and trespassing when i did neither i was invited to my friends house and at the time i didn’t even smoke weed and as soon as you’re a suspect or some bullshit they’ll do anything to piss you off very disrespectful people fuck them all a cop is a cop no matter who it is i will always hate them

@youreallcrackheads A lot of cops go through the stuff he had to go through, my father being one of them. There’s always going to be corrupt cops, you can count on that. But most cops (believe it or not) are actually really awesome people. Btw, Dime was killed on my birthday, and knowing that pretty much ruins my birthday for me now. RIP Dime.

@hieronomy theyre allways out to fuck u over man god knows theyve fuckd my record up

96 fucking idiots . why would you hate cops ?

@Steeleone306 Look, I don’t like cops either, but I do respect this man and many others like him. Not all cops are assholes. There is a time and place to voice your political views about police officers and this ain’t it.

@MrReverendgreen You’re so full of shit.

Too bad this cop didnt take out Vinnie too. Oh well. Maybe next time.

I respect you James.

Like Cops are bad guys, They lay down there lives for two bit theive’s for crack heads for someones kids that meen nothing to them before it happne’s.
That night could have been hell of alot worse, look at that responce time and i’m sure time stood still in that horrid bar waiting for something to happen.

@ReBeLhIpI Big Val is still alive and was not killed there. You must be thinking of Jeff Thompson, who was Damageplan’s head of security at the time

@tennantsuper yes he was killed there :(

Was big val shot that night? I seen a youtube vid and it said he was killed but I’m not sure he was, R.I.P Dimebag, Peace.

I’m feel so sorry for everyone especially all the people who were there that night. I hope you can find peace someday.

That guy is a real hero, anyone with ahlf brain knows it, too bad he couldn’t do anything earlier. But still a great hero.
My thoughts go out to the families of the ones that lost someone that night.

James Niggemeyer is a hero

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