Norwegian Recycling – Acoustic Alchemy

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25 Samples 1. Jack Johnson – Bubble Toes two. Green Day – Great Riddance (Time Of Your Life) three. Josh Rouse – Quiet Town four. Joshua Radin – Only You 5. Wyclef Jean feat. Akon & Lil Wayne & Niia – Sweetest Girl 6. Christina Aguilera – Genie In A Bottle 7. Atomic Kitten – Eternal Flame 8. Black Eyed Peas – Don’t Lie

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An honest mistake I’m sure, but this has nothing to do with the musicians known as Acoustic Alchemy , Acoustic – Alchemy dot net

god i love norwegian recycling….

awesome… simply awesome..

fantastic work

goose bumps :3 <3

@Maserati7200 STOP IT!

@D1rec7or Hi

@benrulz9 the true sign of a self accomplished faggot! grats

@Maserati7200 oh shut up a your face and stop commenting right NOW

I never make comments like this, because usually I find them to be attention-whorish because they are only made to receive thumbs up. However, after listening to this song, the 19 people who disliked this video have absolutely no taste in audio, I’d call them retarded. This is one of the most ear pleasing tracks I’ve ever listened to.

These guys are amazing! Goosbumps here!

this is possibly a real VJ….. . king of music n video mixing……higher skill required than just a DJ….

is this not why guitars are awesome?

The last minute of the song was pure brilliance

Simply incredible. The work of a genius.

@123westy321 the first girl is christina aguilera – genie in a bottle

This kicks majorrrrrr ass.
love it!

Massive Mashup Of Acoustic Awesomemess. Alliterations are awesome also.

19 people who disliked this obviously have no good taste in music.

My cousin accidentely found this on his iPod and played it to me.
Can I just say to you cappapie that you created probably the best compitlation of songs that YouTube has ever seen.
That bit when Akon says “I know” with Billie Joe’s guitar/violin music backround sends shivvers down my spine everythime.
To cappapie,
The Harmony King.

i almost didnt watch this…glad i did

GREEN DAY!!!! Yeeees xD I love Billie Joe. This made me super happy. There was a lot of Green Day in this. Great mash up though. It’s so nice. I can’t get enough of it.

@123westy321 look in the description, it has all songs written :)

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