Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit – How to Play the Guitar Solo

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no emotion whatsoever

@harrypotter74100 it doesn’t sound the same because i think that this song is in drop d tuning….

how do i sign your email

this was easier for me than the actual chorus of this song
is that good or bad ?


im playing all the right notes but mine still doesnt sound like that

does this work on acoustic as well? :)

thumbs uo if you think that marty ALWAYS has the best souds

Can you make a video on how to play the full song of smoke on the water?

@MrMultiJim chorus

I miss the duck going WHAAA!

@jizzle765 AXL sucks and you know this

Next Guide Should be on how to fly like you did at the end…..

thank u sooo much marty u rock!

so depressing but and so perfect

do a lesson on lenny kravitz fly away

what kind of efx do you use?
chorus, flanger, phraser…?

dude thanks you so much !
you the best? !
you do a great work (:

dude thanks you so much !

you the best? !

you do a great work (:

so depressing, i love it.

i lol’d at the “8th fret of the G STRING” xD idk,i guess im immature,but this is a really wicked tutorial.

oh thanks a lot my friend!!!!!!!


hey joe all the way!!!!!

Dad:where are you going?
Me: I am going with other 408 people to kill 15 idiots who disliked

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