Newton Faulkner teardrops live (Massive Attack cover)

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Amazing live version of Teardrop, by Newton Faulkner. Great acoustic guitar skills. Recorded in the elevator in Paradiso, Amsterdam.
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I AM DRUNK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@egnbigdave thats the wrong attitude man…

u never see Newton Faulkener and Mick Hucknall in the same place… coincidence… i think not

ok all u fags that keep talkin about Justin faggot bieber on here need to shut it already, i meen seriously u cant compare anywayz cuz bieber uses autotune and newton is all pure soul music, newton should be famous not bieber!

@skrister I didn’t even know Bieber before i started reading comments on youtube, so you are definitely right.

Did he just say this is teardrop by mashed potatoes?

Biebershit isin’t nothing. just found out this guy is writing is third album. he may not sell as much as some other better know people but is got talent. hope to see and ear more from him this year.

@MonkeyTurtle100 whos bieber man – saying u watch too much tv^^

@MonkeyTurtle100 whos bieber man

his dreds need re-dreding. absolutely brilliant guitarist!

I’d kill for an ounce of this guys talent.

@MonkeyTurtle100 see i dont like this guy at all and i dont like bieber. So bieber wins your question on looks alone.

i love so much

it’s ameizing great job and realy nice song. thank YOU a lot

fuck boober, lets keep this guy OUR little secret!

@thatsmrlistersir Yes, but in all honesty many people (me being one of them) do not realise that the theme song for house was written by massive attack nor that it was is called teardrops. I was just mentioning that I hadn’t realised that the song faulkner was performing was tear drops, which is better known at the theme song for house.

the one bad aspect about newton faulkner: HE’S GOT SO MUCH GOOD MATERIAL THAT IT MAKES YOU HAVE TO SPEND ALL UR ITUNES CREDIT ON THIS AWESOME DUDE. but then again, that isnt really a bad thing haha


More like they used a Massive Attack song for the House theme. The implication being that it was written by Massive Attack for House, which it was not.

i think im pregnant just from listening to this….

@Fedleman Listen to the guitar playing at 0:52

And, after some research, I found that Massive Attack did write the house theme song.

Classic track, Class performance…enough said!

@MonkeyTurtke100: Probably people like plastic more than real material..Love Newton….brilliant stuff.

Brilliant…and smoky..and sexy! Art :)

lets see now, clap 1 hand on the leg and move the other 1 in circles…

how can anyone physically comprehend not liking this?

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