Never Too Late – Three Days Grace Guitar Lesson

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How to Play Never too Late by Three Days Grace on guitar. Comment, Rate, and Ask Questions. Equipment Used: Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul Studio Deluxe Electric Guitar Fender Frontman 25R Guitar Combo Amp
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but that was only the intro

you freaked the intro

Damn, I need to learn the names of my stings…

You Got My Thumbs !

i have the same guitar buts its a wine red finish

@ withonly1tand1tonly don’t worry about that Epiphone not being a Gibson…What you have is a great guitar. Epiphone is a Gibson Company. Nice tone.
I am currently thinking of the Epi limited edition Cream with black back or the Black Beauty

To everyone asking… The guitar is an epiphone limited edition les paul studio, unfortunately not a gibson

@withonly1tand1tonly I got the exact same guitar, same colors and everything. My fretboard is a little more detailed, but thats it :P I have the Ephiphone version

d, j and the rest of the ahphabet

Open on the D. Oh yeah! ;D

@RyanAUG88RdS i’m self taught,, i started just doing stuff, til i developt my own style,

thanks for the vid.

Thx ^^

is that a epiphone or a gibson les paul i was thinking about getting that one but i got a different color. oo yea nice quality

i can play it the same like this on any guitar?

Dude ur unbelivable … I learnd this song all along ur playing … good luck and if I’m not mistaken that’s a les paul by gibson … I’m just saying

are you self taught? i dont see how people can teach themself =/ ???

wat is your guitar called and where did u get it from nice vid u sound just like the real song

this is exacly right u should make more videos

dude this helped a lot thank you!(: btw, your adorable.

dude that is my fucking dream guitar

thaanks ! :) that helped a lot !
your really good btw !

man can u explain wt exatly is tht a b c d e ur sayen i m new this gutar stuff just got it yesrday ;)

Thank You!!!! like ur guitar btw :)

you should teach me gunslinger by A7X
i would love you foREVer lol

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