Neutron Star Collision(Love is Forever) by Muse Guitar Tutorial

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Neutron Star Collision(Love is Forever) guitar tutorial. Leave comments if you have any questions. Thanks for watching!
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Very nice, I added a couple notes to the solo to make it sound more accurate in my opinion, I hope that’s ok! Subbed!

woow, exelente gracias tu lo explicas paso por paso :)

Tnx I’m gonna do a tutorial as well

thak you very much!!!
it`s to easy……wo0o0o0o0o0w
do you gonna merry me!!
ok no……`s a joke

Is the tab u where talking about only on pc version because i did not see it on my Ipod?

God bless you :)

Really Good…

thank you !! =)

what distortion pedal did u use

I have the same guitar and eve same belt !!! [[[[;

I have the same guitar [;

You should find the person responsible for the 1 dislike on your awesome video
and club him to death with your guitar…

Dude i can play alot of muse songs and this is the best tutorial i have ever seen good job mate

Great tutorial! it helped a lot! :)

Great tutorial! it helped a lot! :)

Great tutorial! it helped a lot! :)

DUDE you are awesome i love you i want more video of you ;) its easy song i am trying the solo now so thanks dude

yo! thanks to you im gonna be the sensation in my sholl thank you very much!!!!!

Thanks, you helped a lot.

thank for the video man¡¡¡ thank you very much¡¡

thanks for this video! great for helping me get started! -quic question ” u can use any electric guitar right?”

@DarkDietyLink a hammer on is where you pluck one note and ‘hammer’ your finger on one further up the neck…a pull off is the opposite

@alskates247 oh btw how much was it if you don’t mind me asking and what model, it’s insane!

Thank you!


This is my favorite videoo!!! you’re so cool!!

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