Neil Young – Out on the Weekend

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Neil Young (born November 12, 1945) is a Canadian singer-songwriter, musician and film director. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a solo artist in 1995 and also as a member of Buffalo Springfield in 1997. Young’s function is characterized by deeply personal lyrics, distinctive guitar function, and signature tenor singing voice. Though he accompanies himself on numerous various instruments—including piano and harmonica, his clawhammer acoustic guitar style and frequently idiosyncratic electric guitar soloing are the linchpins of a at times ragged, at times polished sound. Despite the fact that Young has experimented widely with differing music styles, which includes swing, jazz, rockabilly, blues, and electronic music all through a varied career, his very best recognized work usually falls into either of two distinct styles: acoustic folk/nation (“Heart of Gold”, “Harvest Moon” and “Old Man”) and electric-charged tough rock (like “Cinnamon Girl”, “Rockin’ in the Totally free World” and “Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)”). In current years, Young has adopted elements from newer styles like industrial, alternative country and grunge. Young’s profound influence on the latter caused some to dub him “the Godfather of Grunge”. ________________________________________ Feel I’ll pack it in and obtain a choose-up Take it down to LA Locate a location to call my own and attempt to fix up. Begin a brand new day. The woman I’m thinking of, she loved me all up But I’m so down today She’s so fine, she’s in my mind. I hear

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You all sound like exactly the people who were around when this song, and many of the other greats you mention. Nothing but hate to spew about the music being made in the present,in favour of that of the past. All you do is move backwards,when all those that you try to defend now, were trying to push forward.You should be ashamed,sickened with yourselves.To be so self-righteous in this, is to be worse than a zealot at his pulpit. I’m ashamed to bunch myself with the rest of you as a music lover.

great album!!


@sydneyxerin touch my wang

@Perniciousdeeds TROLL

@Perniciousdeeds …..

@josephkavalakat thats not the harmonica you retard its the bass

I think im the only person at my highschool who actually knows and likes Neil Young.

Let’s just all sadly realize the truth shall we?
Music is dead. Lady Gaga does not make any sound that is proprietary.
Which, is kind of odd considering her “unique” look (not copied at all from gracejones/madonna/eltonjohn/davidbowie)

It really does make me sad though, mainstream today is little wayne.
Mainstream today is Gaga, or beiber.
Remember when mainstream used to be the Beatles?
what the hell has happened….

why are people talking about lady gaga on the page of one of neil young’s best songs? no one will remember lady gaga in twenty years, but this song came out, what, forty years ago now? she has NOTHING on neil young, and she shouldn’t even be mentioned anywhere near him, EVER

@SLEG1100 sitting here with the same feeling

takes me back to the good old times

she ‘s so fine, she ‘s in my mind!


ya those great lyrics “pa-pa-pa-poker face”… She thinks she’s freddie mercury… umm freddie could actually write a tune.. she sucks on the piano, and the fact people think she’s good at it, merely proves most people can’t play the piano.. or have ever listened to a good piano… I’d rather listen to neil throw up into a harmonica… that would have more musical merit than lady gaga’s “talent”…

@AtheistDictator she sucks in the respect that she has absolutely zero originality and employs obnoxious amounts of production on nearly all of her songs. it’s all processed and stripped of the musical qualities that are necessary for a good song. sadly, most people don’t care much about production nowadays. if it has a loud bass and auto-tuned vocals about relationships, drugs, or sex, they’ll buy it. it’s really too bad

Beautiful song <3

Naked base, twinkling acoustic thunder, thoughtful harp. Then understated, narrative coming from . . . Punch onward into that good night fight, brotha’ Neil.

@dDonaaxRocks Nowhere near perfect at all, she completely missed the naive innocence that Neil sings with, Gaga flattened a beautiful harmony by trying to prove she can sing without a computer.

@molelikeshole Let’s just be appreciative that she introduced some Neil to her legion of drones.

@needianame she made a cover but it killed neil

boy if I had a nickel for everytime I said “you know? neil young really sucks”……. Well I would have no nickels at all :’(

@josephkavalakat one of, yes. Neil young has a few of those in that category imo :P

@dDonaaxRocks not at all..completely ruined the melancholy feel to it. covers rarely ever do anything but change the song. but ive seen rhcp do a decent neil young cover, and radiohead a few

@chucky507 No one has those rights… including me… Bassicaly he is suggestion take one of the mose beautifull songs ever written and completely degrade it and turn it into todays trashy and disgusting music… Thats like walking up to your mother and father and slapping them in the face… -_-….. so enough with the rightousness ;)

@9apSfsa9 Wow you must be someone completely above the rest since your telling people their rights!

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