NAMM “08″ Bob Taylor Guitar Promo

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Bob Taylor discusses new guitars for 08
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hi Bob, really love your guitars, any spare one that you can send me??

Got my first Taylor today, the 416ce Fall Ltd edition.. I’ve had a Hummingbird, Martin, the J-45, Takamine.. I can honestly say, this is the best I’ve had so far.

Bob ROCK’S !!

Larry David is my personal hero!!!!!!!

Taylor has a long way to go.


@amirhisyam well i use a fender super champ and i absolutely love it with my taylor

no no no all wrong, Larry David meets Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton meets Mr. Rodgers.

hahah at the very end he should have said “rock out with your cock out” ahahhahahahahh that would have been very funny

California Blode, they are the best acoustic amps in the world, check them out

fantastic,Bob Taylor!!!

I’m proud to say I own a Taylor Acoustic guitar, a 214 ce to be exact. it rocks my world!

very beautiful guitars! my dream acoustic guitar is a taylor.

i play a taylor acoustic when i go to the guitar store it’s my favorite

You can’t go wrong with a SWR California Blonde.

hey,I just got myself the new 610-CE..any recommended amps?…


Great! Check out my Big Baby!

I’ve tried just about everything the past 30 years from the old Barcus Berry piezos; to Martin and Fishman under saddle units; LR Baggs Ribbon Transducer, M1, and iBeam; and lastly–Sunrise. The latest ES w/ 9-volt batteries have no problems.

You have to match a pickup to the right pre-amp. Both my Sunrise and Taylor ES pups sound great through BOSS pre’s, but dismal through an Yamaha AG Stomp. Conversely, a Fishman Duet sound great through a Yamaha and lousy through a Boss. The ES is tops.

I just got one myself a 414EC, this is my second guitar, before I had a 110E. THOSES GUITARS ARE ABSOLUTLY FANTASTIC ! Please come and watch my video on youtube Streets of London on a Taylor 414CE by Lionel *****

I agree with some of the negative comments about the ES. I own it on a 914 CE, which I plug into a Bose L1 model II system. The neck pick up significantly “electrifies” the sound, and I have never been able to understand how people can refer to this system as a system that reproduces the natural sound of a guitar. I also own a Martin J41 special and a custom Taylor with adirondack/brazilian back and sides. After much research and testing, I equipped both guitars with much better LR Baggs systems

5 stars!!!

the E.S. sounds cold and sterile. brittle and thin. it also sounds nasaly and phasey. i can hear the E.S. a mile away. yuk!!

My T5 Koa is a dream

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