My God – Jethro Tull Live at the Isle of Wight 1970

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With opening banter included. ‘My God,’ played here live prior to it’s recording and inclusion on the Aqualung LP by the Mark 2 line-up featuring: Ian Anderson (guitar, flute), Martin Barre (electric guitar), Glenn Cornick (bass guitar), Clive Bunker (drums) and John Evan (keyboards). The festival at the Isle of Wight was the British version of Woodstock and was held at Afton Down which is a hill near the village of Freshwater on the Isle of Wight on August 26 – August 30, 1970. The festival was attended by approximately 600000 people. Jethro Tull played on the last day with Jimi Hendrix, Joan Baez, Moody Blues, Leonard Cohen, Richie Havens, Everly Brothers, Pentangle, and Donovan. No doubt Jethro Tull was a high point for everyone in attendance that day. It would have been for me! Enjoy. PS 8:02-8:04 reminds me of Shane when he’s loaded!

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@niceonemicky thanks a million dude, definately gonna get it!!! i love tull, saw them again last month!
god, it’s so great you were there… i wasnt even born.. (i’m class 73) and even if it was a greedy thing i bet it was fantastic… i wish i was born earlier, 60′s and 70′s music (and not only the music) was the best stuff! thanks again!!!!

what a wildman

@thedoctormachine1 Nothing Is Easy Live at the Isle of Wight 1970 by Jethro Tull but for the full video it is called
Message to Love and it took 27 years to be released, I worked at this festival and it was bigger than Woodstock but because of the legal wranglings and the facitiousness of the organisers all out to make a fast buck it became tainted by greed and the fans were denied truth.
A year earlier on the I.O.W Bob Dylan stuffed money into suitcases before he would appear onstage

is there a complete video availabla either of the whole festival or just the tull performance???? pleeeeease let me know, i’d love to have the whole lot…

@MikeInTheValley He’s playing a Thunderbird, the bass version of a Firebird. It is the II version, not the IV version, which means it has only one pickup, no neck pickup is not applicable.

@rolynstone48 i hope he is joking mate.i cant believe that some people are soooo narrow-minded. btw i totally agree with your comment :)

Lt. Dan from Forest Gump

saw them at the LA coliseum in the late ’70′s & will never ever forget the best show ever!

Revolutionaries making a difference with thier music…This is my favorite Tull creation!


Ian Anderson…..truly one of the great and original musicians out there ever.

Tull speaks to the hypocrisy of of religion – obviously , you are who he is speaking of !

” Unless you happen to be Jewish or Catholic …” Sorry I ever bought JT album .

Reminding us that there is no God, and that mankind tortures itself on the rocks of superstition.

Great recording quality and video, to bad Zeppelin and the Floyd didn’t go to this festival.

I thought Iommi already had his Black Sabbath during this time and was to drenched into his blues-metal sound to want to play full time with the Tull.

@asparrow – A third above relative to what ever scale you`re playing. Ex: in Cmaj, you play a C & hum E above. then go right up the scale.

@PupuTheClown well they had try outs for guitar players and martin barre suited the style better

,,are you serious?, were they going to give Iommi a job with the Tull?

Looking a bit like Charles Manson here, maybe it was the style.

@MrMuzzyBasher I’d like to know what a diatonic 3rd above might sound like so I could try it! As it is I haven’t the faintest though. I just posted a vid of one of my tunes (on my page) that has some fluteings in it. Check it out and let me know what you think of my playing. And thanks!

@asparrow- Thank you, I`m a woodwind player aswell, mostly sax & FLOOT tho. Ian was a master & I have loved everything he has ever written. Classical musicians mostly seem to look down on us OTHER guys, but I think the “histrionics” are pure MAGIC. Btw, try humming a diatonic 3rd above. It`s something I been working on the last 10yrs. Not very easy

enjoy complete edition of this specific video right here from a v a t z . n e t remove spaces


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