My Fathers Guitar

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My Fathers Guitar

Image by Christopher_Hawkins
My Father made this guitar. Along with it I also inherited his enjoy for a lot of of his hobbies and pastimes. He had a wide set of interests from flying, astromony, climbing, travel, music and photography.

I can bear in mind him producing this guitar and the violin my Sister looks following. He made it with the support of a neighbour ( who nonetheless makes and repairs violins ), making jigs, steaming bits of wood, carving and gluing the parts together with giant G-clamps in the garage.

I dont don’t forget him playing it, but I can bear in mind a 12 string instrument he had that sounded amazing, In his youth he had played in a band and even created a record, but he couldnt bear in mind the name of the band ( they changed weekly by the sound of it ) so the chances of locating a copy are remote and I have in no way heard it.

He passed away in February nine years ( 1998 ) ago. There have been so a lot of occasions considering that then that I have wanted to speak with him, so several issues I have wanted to show and share, so numerous points that excite me in the exact same way I know would him.

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He must have been very proud of you too Chris…. "when we are gone all that remains is memories"

I really enjoy the story of this shot. I also love the angle, frame. crop, and colours (very vivid). Congrats Chris!. Must to fav this right now ;-)

Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

can you play it?

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