MUSIC THEORY: Understanding Key Signatures

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Andrew Wasson of Creative Guitar Studio answers a viewers question: “I am more or less a beginner guitarist and I am hoping that you can help me with a good explanation about something called Musical Key Signatures. So far, all I keep reading about is some concept to do with it called the, “Clock Theory.” It seems to be used all over the internet, but I just don’t get a number of things to do with this whole topic such as: 1). Why do we have to know about Key Signatures? 2). What can learning about this stuff do to help my guitar playing? 3). What does it all have to do with a Clock? It seems like most of the explanations online keep showing a clock. I just don’t see how music keys relate to clocks? Thank you for considering my question, Jacob – Halifax, NS. CANADA For a Handout of this lesson please follow the link below: Official Website: Follow Andrew on Blogspot Follow on Twitter: MySpace: Facebook:

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@sairamsridharaa please dont listen to spadesofchaos, their explanation of a key signature is not correct :D

@spadesofchaos thats not what a key signature is! a key signature is basically the notes within a specific key…. for example A major, the key signature is A B C# D E F# G#… perhaps you shouldn’t be trying to give people explanations if you have no idea what your’e talking about…

slow down please

I like the part about memory,I never took any lessons,learned from watching Jimi,but I thought this was a good video,If I knew about this when I was a kid ,I would have never pick up an axe,I leaned to play with feelings and emotion :) ,and I teach that :)

@inuyasha2448 Yeah but teacher probably gets paid by the hour, ha $ $

how do you find the key signiture of a chord progression?

That helped alot thanks. But im a little lost. On the clock ” ‘Cflat’ and ‘B’ ” are at 5, so why on the ladder chart does “C flat” have 7 flats, yet “Cflat” on the clock is at 5?

@spadesofchaos ah thank you!

@sairamsridharaa the note of the key your in like aminor key sig would be a

I want to know what it is exactly , and i am an extreme noob @ theory trying to learn some from your videos!

I know this is a stupid question, but what is a key signature :|

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dude your a good teacher man, you explain this so well

I like you cause you got mad credentials, but yes the Father Charles Goes Down And Ends Battles is over used

wow dude thats the first time i see this kind of explanation, its really extensive and good, unfortunately my head didnt get it at the first time

@xXSlashBoiXx Yes you can .Just make sure you play the appropriate major or minor one depending on the chord.

if you know what key the song is in can you use a pentatonic scale in that song? For example: the song is in the key of E, could you use an E Pentatonic scale for that song? Thanks

Wow! I have a midterm on this tomorrow and was completely lost. This is great. You saved my life!

“memory trick things” like this are called mnemonics. And thanks I think I can finally remember it now :)

can we have that paper?

hey, i don’t know that much about Keys in music, can anyone post any links to usefully videos, forums, webpages or recommend any books.

Well done, comprehensive presentation

I must ask – are you in a band by chance? You have shed alot of light onto my playing and cleared alot of things up! I thank you !
MortalWrath com

@xde0mega Yea but he said flats. With an S. That’s five letters. But no big deal

@muziklvr1714 flat has 4 letters. sharp has 5 letters.

I’m confused why is there a B# ? I’ve observed for years theres no such thing as B# or E#… or am I missing a point here ?

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