Munky & Head on Ibanez 7th Heaven

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Munky and Head show some guitar strategies in this 7th Heaven video produced by Ibanez circa 1997.
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@CreeperCreature2 I believe its a Ibanez S7320 but now its has 2 humbuckers in it and it only comes in black

Kinda makes me angry to see them with ridiculous high end models when they only play dissonances.

Sick ass riff munky plays at 4:46 and how head follows along!
And does anyone know what type of Ibanez Munky is using in this video?
I would like to check it out!

Munky is thinking wtf is head doing

I miss Head so much.

@ovlada Kirk has an even gayer voice though

What’s the guitar Munky’s using during the interview? It looks like an Ibanez S, but with single coils…?

munky is just looking at head thinking… are you doing you??

Faget! :D

@MetalikaKriffe95 7 strings were fairly new back then, they may not have had good enough pickups to go lower.

head’s guitar’s awesome!!! an Ibanez universe 77mc !!!!!

Munky and Kirk Hammett have the same voice…….

can’t go lower then a? tried a thicker string maybe… tards…

4:05… munky’s like “what the fuck?”

A tuning. If you have a seventh string it is normally tuned to B, which creates an easy shape for power chords. You therefore end up with a tuning of B E A D G B E. However, they tuned it down a whole-step to end with A D G C F A D.

@masjt D standard

What tuning did munkey say that he put his guitar?

@petewat98 not anymore ..praise God!!!

4:07 he’s thinking ‘what’s wrong with this guy?’

head’s high.

the difference between Korn and creamed korn…….??????

@whatshendrix Th.. bu.. NOW YOU SAY IT XP, lol wow man, that’s what I’ve been trying to say to you this entire time >.>… Well I’m glad is clusterfuck back and forth bantering can stop now ^.^.

Yes, it is. It doesn’t need to be difficult to be good or to be improved upon.

@whatshendrix In other words, their style is completely easy. Nice talking to you.


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