Mumford and Sons – The Cave – How to play on guitar – guitar lessons – tutorial

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I love it! Could you play Trevor Hall’s Te Amo in a tutorial please?

can u do a bon iver flume lesson please


pause at :31

hey thanks for the awesome video. but what is the order in the song? u gave us the cords to about 2 min into the song. thats it. what are the cords in the rest or the song and there order?

thank u!

Great lesson.

If you bar the 9th (from the capo) fret you get a B major. Shouldn’t you place a finger on the 8th on that chord?

I found an AWESOME cover of this song by Castlecomer.

Type in “The Cave – Castlecomer” – it BLEW MY MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIND!!!!!

Marty, everyone time I am trying to learn a song, and then I see that you have made a lesson for it I realize everything is going to be okay. Rock on, brother!

Thank You for the lesson :o ) I need to start playing a few current tunes. And this is a starter

@enorman111 hey man i play the intro without tuning down . heres how i put the capo on the 2nd fret but i dont fret the low E. and to get that open F# you play 4th fret on D. hope that helps just fiddle around with it :P

Only thing to add is that the chord played on the 9th fret (capo 2nd) during the chorus should be fretted 8th fret (capo 2nd) on the 3rd string (normally G but tuned F# here) to give the note F natural. Im sure Marty only plays the 4th 5th an 6th strings so it doesnt matter , but dont play 9th fret all the way across the strings as it will sound very wrong.

@ChadPark05 Drop D

Thanks for posting this. It is very helpful.

you such a beast

whats the name of this tuning?

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@megabladerun yeah hes using the capo on the second fret

do u have to have that thing on the guitar

i just broke my G string… or in this case the F SHARP tuning my guitar… and the closest guitar shop is 20 miles away and its 9oclock at night… and i just spent money to buy a kapo which i didn’t even get to use… fml

@Jyefluffybunny94 Ummm, wrong song..

yet another awesome lesson….ur the man marty

@soccerlegend13 ik i was wondering the same thing it sounds awesome

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