(Movie Theme) Indiana Jones – Sungha Jung

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Sungha www.sunghajung.com played theme from Indiana Jones. Sungha Jung US concerts subsequent week Visit? Sungha’s official web for tickets Nov 18 Boston Nov 19: New York Nov 21: Philadelphia Nov 23: Washington DC Nov 26: Boulder, CO Music by John Williams. Solo acoustic guitar arrangement by Kelly Valleau. Directed by Steven Spielberg and starring Harrison Ford, Indiana Jones is one of the most common movie series ever created.
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thumbs up if trying to do a remix with the 4 steps to be happy

the dog at 1:08 awesome :)
i like your vids <3

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press 5 for bottom left epic dog entrance :L

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@lansrenspogi 1:07-1:11 : hey im on the internet… oow Sungha is playing… WOOOHPS!

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LOL, the dog is like WTF!? He is only 15?!

@Keatsakul it’s lovely, right ^^

haha!!! that’s cute ^^

Hey man,

Your music is awesome. We should put a band together. I got the voice and style. You have the the killer guitar skills. I can play with rhythem and solo too. However, you have a large fan base, so it could be good to put a band together. Have a nice day man. Peace


did u see dog in 1:08 – 1:11 ? hehe

Divino el perro mk xD

sunghas a differnet league of asian

ANYONE THAT LISTENS IS A HERO TO ME(: im a young guitar player, and like Sungha (not as much like sungha as i want to be!) i play guitar and post youtube videos, i’ve tried a few of sunghas tabs, and i was hoping for some feedback from the public!
so if anyone could spare a minute or two, click my channel and watch a vid, id appreciate it greatly(: thankyou!

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@lansrenspogi hehehehehe, yeah, you’re right :D DDD

Dr. Jones!

Doggy: Woops I popped out in the wrong room ! Well , I like this guys music ! :D
Well bye now !

sick bass!


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