More than a feeling – Igor Presnyakov

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Buy this song on MP3! Go to Download Igor’s Album on iTunes For unique video’s and updates please check Igor’s new site : More than a feeling ( Boston ) . Arranged and performed by Igor Presnyakov
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he is this guy not married?

Those fifteen people didn’t mean to hit the thumbs down button…. it’s just too close to the thumbs up.

just imagine what will happen when he discovers pedals?

i think i walked in on my mom and this guy in bed with each other.

dude you should get a cd with all the songs! i love them! id buy it man, your awesome

Maybe these 15 people would cover this song better than Igor…. i think NOT!!

Okay When Did Guitar God Get Revived!!!!!!! Fucking Awesome!!!!!!!

amazing i wish i could play as good as him

Wow, this sounds very good. Quite inspirational.
If you get the chance, you should check out some of the music on my page.

Grande Igor !!!! Very Good performance

very good!!!!!!!!!!!


Pure Talent, I’v been trying to learn all of these covers on my acoustic by just watching what he does. But it’s amazing how he’s done all of these himself by ear, legend Igor – thank-you :)


awsume. really nice work with that song. love more than a feeling <3

If you guys really like this guy then check Scott Huckabay and tell me what you think.

@qwa1997 He probably knows the secret to the Universe, too.

Take a bow son!!! very good!

@mcard1d we can all sleep with our guitars next to us on each of our beds

Why there is 15 poeple who don’t like that video ? Are they serious ? If they don’t like, they didn’t have to watch it !!!!

Why there is 15 poeple who don’t like that video ? Are they serious ?


for some reason i think this guy holds the key to humanity

There’s a response to who pressed the dislike button on 1:33 enjoy…hahaha

Klass, Igor!

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