Monte Montgomery Live From Daryl’s House – Sara Smile

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Monte Montgomery & Daryl Hall Live From Daryl’s Residence Hall & Oates – Sara Smile Baby hair with a woman’s eyes… I can feel you are watching in the night All alone with me and we’re waiting for the sunlight… When I feel cold, you warm me And when I really feel I cannot go on, you come and hold me.. It is you… And me forever Sara Smile.. Will not you smile a while for me Sara.. If you feel like leaving you know you can go… But why don’t you remain until tomorrow? If you want to be free of charge, you know, all you got to do is say so.. And when you feel cold, I’ll warm you… And when you really feel you can’t go on, I’ll come and hold you.. It’s you… And me forever.. Sara Smile.. Won’t you smile a while for me
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crap, I tried to cancel that post. didn’t know the dude had passed away.

John Oates, there in the middle hasn’t aged too well…
(yes I know that’s not really him)

really? let Hall sing it. Other guy’s voice does not fit this song and we get it. you can run scales on a guitar. I hate when people overplay on leads. only cool thing is that we get to see Hall sing a few bars at the end. write your own songs other dude.

I noticed how everyone was smiling while performing this, probably because they were all enjoying the jam. The guitar work by both Monte and T-bone was awesome. Every time I see T-bone performing on film I am blown away by his skill and mastery of the guitar. He was a fantastic musician.

awesome song damn good job good band

love how Monte sings this and love how high and sweet Daryl sings at the end of this one ~ he’s taken good care of his voice it sounds like. beautiful swimming on the tune… all players doing open hearts ~ can hear it ~ :) gotta love it!

@dunbarrn maybe the episode with Smokey Robinson? They did Sara together…

Watch this in 480p, it makes a world of difference.

OMFG!!! This is so cool. I love it slowed down like that, it grooves in a whole new way. You can tell Daryl was diggin it that way too. I have never heard of Monte Montgomery, gotta check him out NOW!

AWESOME !!!!!!!!! I love these guys.

The first version I heard was this:


Monte loves the refrain with the background vocals.
(o: Next time Daryl will practice a second voice shortly before? :o )

We all love this song!

Daryl is loving this. . . look at that smile! What a compliment for Monte to be asked to play.

Great and the guitar playing, Wow! I believe I saw another rendition of Sara here at Daryl’s house by another singer and it was great too a little less funky : I can’t seem to find it . I should have saved it to favorites. Anyone know which one I’m referring to?

2:40 He’s gotta be thinking: “I just died and went to heaven!”

@kellinonu , Monte is very well. As for the deceased T-Bone

@roj1969 whoa what do u mean huge loss? now going to google to see what’s up w/Mont.

Monte sounds awesome on this tune…this is a beautiful version….

so sorry…..this is not music…this is magic on the making…
tks x 1000 for posting !

this song sounds lovely.i love tom wolk dearly and i think when the time comes that monte montgomery would fit in

just Great!!!

oh I still love this so much!

This collab was meant to be! =)

This guy can Blow him and darryl is good


eres un pendejo…en Mexico a esto lo llamamos sublime…

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